Monday, August 24, 2015

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Strangest Cargo Mix

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Just as the weather is showing it's first signs of cooling off, the music around town is heating up.  Shows are stacking up, Americana Music Association Festival is just a couple of weeks ago, outdoor shows are starting to ramp up...

Meanwhile, the E2TG Random Music Shuffles roll along.  We have a good one that covers quite a bit of musical ground... shall we? We shall!

"Tongues Are Turning" by Discount Ravioli

We have another (longer) track for Discount Ravioli's new album (debut?) which is called Robin Schultz and the 21 Prayers.  There are, by the way, 21 tracks on the album.  This one is called "Tongues are Turning".  By the way, still no video of Discount Ravioli so I included a track by another Dord Music Group artist - The Urinal Cakes. Meanwhile, if you search for "Tongues are Turning" by Discount Ravioli on YouTube, you can find a video of how to make ravioli and video diary of someone who got their tongue pierced.  Happy searching...

"Prayer for the Snake" by The Shakers

After running into Robert Logue at The 5 Spot a couple of weeks back, The Shakers have been on my mind, so I decided to load up their album, Songs From Beneath the Lake into my playlist.  Prayer for the Snake is one of my favorites from that album (though to be honest, I have a lot of favorites from that album). The Shakers were not all what one might expect of Nashville music in the late 80s/early 90s, but there was a unmistakable spirit of Southern Gothic mysticism present in the ethereally beautiful melodies.  Logue and Oscar Rice were part of the original line-up of Royal Court of China before leaving that band to focus on The Shakers.  The influence of those two musicians on Royal Court of China is evident on that band's self-titled debut.

"irish twins" by valued customer

I have a hard time expressing how glad I am to have Valued Customer back in the shuffle.  This band from Toronto have been one of my favorites for a long time. They just recently released byugecup (the hugecup bsides).   hugecup is going the be the band's next album.  Seemingly, these are tracks that did not make that album.  Make no mistakes, Valued Customer's b-sides are on a level so far above most bands' a-sides.  As with most of Valued Customer music, I don't really feel like describing or analyzing the music too much.  I just kind of lean into it and let it take me higher... it never let's me down.  Superbly talented musicians, spiritual seekers, weird and mad geniuses.  I guarantee you have never heard anything like Valued Customer.

"Just Seventeen" by Raiders

As the sixties ended, and the 1970s began, Paul Revere and the Raiders decided to shorten their name and change musical directions.  The resulting album, Collage, was a commercial failure, but it included some pretty cool tunes like this one.

"Wade in the Water" by The Barefoot Movement

Another track from young traditionalists, The Barefoot Movement's EP called The High Road.  This song is a negro spiritual that was first published in 1901 by the Fisk Jublilee Singers (the combo that actually gave Nashville the name Music City).

"Home Again" by Charlie Whitten

Originally on an EP called Travis County Macaroons.  This one came to me via a Noisetrade sampler called, An Assortment.  Charlie Whitten is from Nashville.

"I'm Not the Same" by Fritz Montana

Fritz Montana are an indie blues rock band from San Francisco. I honestly cannot remember how I came across this artist  UPDATE: I remember now - this came to me via last month's Feel Bad For You Mixtape (submitted by the one and only David Popa Tunes Horton - it all makes sense now!), but I like them a lot. 

"Strange Boat" by The Waterboys

One more good one from one of my favorite albums, Fisherman's Blues.

"Johnny Always Stayed" by Jonas Howden Sjøvaag's Navyelectre

Another awesome improvisational track from the Large Ensemble out of Oslo, Norway. Wonderful songs and sounds. 


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