Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thursday Morning Music Shuffle - Man Can Be Mix

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It was great to see three great local artist with their awesome bands last night at The Basement (Classic not New).  Andrew Leahey, Mac Leaphart, and Sara Syms. Fun night!

Jumping right into the shuffle...

Disclaimer:  No rabid weasels were harmed in the compiling of this shuffle...

"STSisGOLD" by Sugar Tongue Slim

Another track from the World Café Sessions mega-download. I don't know much about Sugar Tongue Slim, but I dig this, and I am impressed by the diversity of music that World Café puts out into the world.... almost as diverse at #E2TG...

"Carousel" by Circus Propaganda

Speaking of diversity... Carousel was the very first song by Circus Propaganda.  As I understand it, Circus Propaganda are no longer active as a group, but I believe all of the members are making music in various other combinations - most of which we have or will feature on Ear to the Ground. From Botany.

"Kissing in the Dark" by Eight O'Five Jive

Nashville's favorite swingers... wait... let me rephrase.  Nashville's favorite Swing/Jump Blues/etc. band - Eight O'Five Jive are up next with a public service announcement in the form of a cover of a Memphis Minnie classic. From Too Many Men.

"Lonely Town, Lonely Street" by Bill Withers

Sometimes... sometimes... you just got to hear some Bill Withers...  The lead track from Withers' second album, Still Bill - which was the album that included "Lean on Me". 

"Play a Train Song" by Todd Snider

From the classic album, East Nashville Skyline (which was co-produced by Will Kimbrough by the way) comes this song, which I got to hear Todd Snider sing last week at The 5 Spot.  I tend to thing Todd Snider is a very big part of why East Nashville music is what it is...

"Anna" by Will Butler

This is the second track and one of two singles from Policy the solo debut album by Will Butler who is in some band called Arcade Fire. 

"Her Love" by Black Vincent

Another awesome song from the Black Vincent album, Teardrop Deluxe which was recorded here in Nashville with the production team behind Diamond Rugs, T. Hardy Morris  and Deer Tick (Justin Collins and Adam Landry).

"Tell Her You Belong To Me" by Beth Hart

From Better Than Home - the latest album by L.A. Based songwriter and powerhouse vocalist Beth Hart.

"Spirit" by The Waterboys

Taking us out we have The Waterboys from their album This is the Sea. "What Spirit is man can be..."



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