Friday, October 2, 2015

Featured Friday Morning Music Shuffle - Palindromatic Mix

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Pardon my English, but screw 1,000 posts.  1001 is where it is at... plus it is a palindrome.

So, last night was the first of five weeks of  Campfire Propaganda's residency at The 5 Spot in East Nashville. It was a wonderful celebration of songs and songwriters.  Tim Easton, who is always wonderful, the awesome Megan Palmer, guests from Oklahoma - John Calvin Abney and Levi Parham), Nellie Clay, and Darrin Bradbury.  For the rest of the Thursday's in October 6p.m. to 8p.m. The 5 Spot is the place to be...

"agadbaagadba" by valued customer

I got another reminder of how much I love Valued Customer. The long time Ear to the Ground favorites from Toronto released Kalpa last year, and it stands a remarkable achievement and I'd go as far as to say, it is one of my all-time favorites. They have been hard at work on the follow-up which will be called hugecup. Expect that album in 2016.  In the meantime, the tide us over, they recently released byugecup (the hugecup b-sides).  Let me tell you right now, if these are the songs that didn't make the cut for hugecup... then... that album will be worth the wait.  I never really know how to explain Valued Customer to the uninitiated. Think really, really alternate hip-hop, with elements of avant garde jazz and classical music, trippy eastern spirituality, and a solid foundation of modern music.  It is not exactly what would be considered accessible in a mainstream kind of way, but from the moment I first heard the band, I have been in to it hardcore. 

"All in the Mystery" and "Goodnight Brownie Ford" by Kevin Gordon

The shuffle brings up two songs in a row from Kevin Gordon's excellent new album, Long Gone Time. You may recall I reviewed the album and the CD Release Show for No Depression. Kevin Gordon is a Nashville and a National treasure and here to hoping his "under the radar" days are numbered.

"Get Low" by Millar Jukes and the Bandits

Our second list to Millar Jukes and his band from Australia. The new EP is called Chase the Sun, and I am really loving it.

"Black Lung Fever" by Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen

Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen will be playing Music City Roots at the end of this month, and I, for one, plan to be on the bus down there for that show. You may recall, I reviewed this record back at the end of July.  You can check out that review - here.

"Old Soul" by Dog Without Warning

Long time Ear to the Ground faves and Couch by Couchwest alums - Dog Without Warning from the Bay Area have, in the time I have known of them, have made consistently good music that has generally not had a consistent sound.  On the thematic Go Girl from 2012 was a solid indie rock album.  Bark, released in 2013, was acoustic, at times almost Countryish, and really good.  The band has been releasing some individual songs since April of this year (they released the latest just a day or so ago). "Old Soul" was released in May. This song plays heavy toward the direction of "nerd rock" (a description they often use). It is a really great song both lyrically and musically.  Expect more of their new music to pop up in the shuffle soon.



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