Monday, November 23, 2015

Featured Monday Music Shuffle - Fell Down on my Knees Mix

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Welcome back!  I trust everyone had an okay weekend... Winter seems to have put in an appearance here in Nashville with our coldest morning of the season...

Music around town is still heating up.   Friday night, I caught a trifecta of great shows.  Joey Kneiser had part one of his album release show at Grimey's New and Used Music.  Great stuff, and be sure to check out his new album.  Next, Nellie Clay opened for Will Kimbrough downstairs at The Basement.  Nellie sounded awesome, and Will Kimbrough melted faces with his songs and his playing.  After that, I booked it across the river (following the lead of Mary Sack) to The Family Wash for Tommy Womack's birthday show.  Tommy, who is well on his way to full recovery from his car accident at the beginning of the summer, pulled together an all-star band (Mark Robinson on guitar, Ross Rice on keyboards, Daniel Seymour on bass, Brad Pemberton on drums, and Lisa Oliver Gray).  They ripped through an impressive set that opened with a version of the Velvet Underground song, "Sweet Jane" and closed (before an encore) with Dylan's "Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again".  In between, Womack hit some of his best songs - like "Alpha Male and the Canine Mystery Blood", "90 Miles an Hour Down a Dead-End Street", and "Nice Day" and more.

Saturday, featured another really entertaining Mark Robinson Band show at The 5 Spot.  Back by Daniel Seymour and Rick Schell. Robinson showed off his incredible blues rock guitar chops.  Honestly, one of the best live bands around.  That was followed by a short trip over to the Family Wash - this time to catch Knoxville living legend, poet, and songwriter R.B. Morris. Morris also put together an amazing band  (Greg Horne on guitar, Daniel Kimbro on Bass, and Paul Griffith on drums).  Morris was in rare form as he tore through a set that besides his original music included covers of Leonard Cohen and Tom Waits.  Morris will be back in Nashville one week from this coming Saturday for the 10th Annual Get Behind Mule Tom Waits Tribute and Benefit for Second Harvest Food Bank.

To the shuffle - partially because Friday was so much fun and also because this is a short work week plus to help clear out some of my Featured playlist - I have made the executive decision to do all Featured Music shuffles this week.

"Crossroads" by Sara Syms

We open up the shuffle with Sara Syms bold take on the classic Robert Johnson song, "Crossroads".  Syms adds her distinctive touch to the song, and as a result, it is a central part of her new album. 

"Pinyin" (DJ Mankiewicz Remix) by Batkhi Dahn

Batkhi Dahn from Connecticut has a new single called, "Pinyin".  The download includes a few different mixes and versions of the song - including this one.  I continue to be amazed by the growth being shown by Batkhi Dahn and by all of the artists on the Dord Music Group label.  In the video playlist, we have a brand new video for Batkhi Dahn's song, "Yip" which gives a good look into the mind of Batkhi Dahn mastermind, Hayden Nork. 

"3000 Miles" by James Tomberlin

Songwriter, James Tomberlin is greatly missed here in Nashville, but I, for one, and happy that he is pursuing his goals.  I am also very glad that Josh Morris managed to get James into the studio before he left to record this wonderful EP, "Still Life with Orange".  This song is about a long distance relationship, and it shows off Tomberlin's adept word play and songwriting.

"I Really Don't Care" by Dan Coyle

Another track from Random Thoughts and Incomplete Sentences. This album and some other Dan Coyle music can be found on Noisetrade.

"Bright Spot in a Bad Year" by The Deadline Shakes

This is the lead track from the debut album by Glascow band, The Deadline Shakes.  It features some pretty infectious music.  Look for more from them forthcoming.

"Real Bad Low" by Sara Syms

Another great song from "Way Back Home".  If you missed it, this might be a good time to read my review of the album.  HERE

"Goodbye" by Dan Coyle

Our second song of the day from Dan Coyle's Random Thoughts and Incomplete Sentences.  Dan Coyle is a consistently great songwriter. The stuff on Noisetrade would make a good jumping on point if you want to check him out... which you should.

"Lay My Head Down Easy" by Tom House

Another track from Tom House's album Songs Like Dreams... More Like Blood.  An authentic and original voice from a long time Nashville songwriter.

"Call" by New York Tourists

We close out with the a single from an alternative band that is neither from New York nor tourists.  I really like this song a lot.  It has been described as Queens of the Stone Age meets The Foals.  I will leave it up to you to decide if that is accurate.  It's a really groovy song, though.  Check it out.



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