Monday, November 16, 2015

Monday Morning Music Shuffle - Weird-O Mix

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Let's face it.  The world is a scary place, however, the antidote for the very natural fear is always love. Music heals.  Even, as it was Friday, a musical event was a target... music still has the power to heal.  Above all, I invite and encourage everyone - regardless of ideologies or political leanings to avoid knee-jerk reactions (which are almost always based upon fear of some kind) and take a breath and wait for facts to become clear.

Here at E2TG, our job is to bring you music from the sublime to the silly to the serious.  Think of our little playlist as a respite from whatever it is that you need a respite from.....

Friday night began with a visit to one of my favorite weekly events - I dare say it is one of Nashville's hidden gems (hidden in plain sight).  Tim Carroll has been playing a weekly Rock and Roll Happy Hour at The 5 Spot for a long time.  What you get: a casual and fun atmosphere, great music from Tim and his band along with Luella, No Cover (Tips welcome and encouraged), and 1/2 priced drinks from 6-8.  The music usually goes from 6-8:30 and the band does not take a break.  It is a superb way to start your Friday night plans.

After that - this week, I headed to the Basement East to see Sam Outlaw open for an ultra rare reunion of Bare Jr.  Sam Outlaw was awesome (and he was joined by a long time #E2TG favorite Shelly Colvin).  Bare Jr. quite simply rocked the house. Delivering their entire album, Boo-Tay - they closed the night with an epic mash-up of The Cars' "My Best Friend's Girl" and The Who's "Baba O'Riley".  It was loud and raucous and man was it fun.

Sunday Night found me back at "The Beast" for another edition of East Nashville Songwriter's Club. This time with Sally Jaye, Zach Schmidt, and the one and only David Olney.  It was an awesome evening of music. 

Then, I headed over to The Building - possibly for the last time before that great space closes.  Kira Hooks, Tom Schreck, and Yosi Mesbah offered up prime examples of the diversity of talent in this very vibrant local music scene.

On to our shuffle:

"Father Time" by Dan Martin

Another superb track from Oklahoma songwriter Dan Martin's Hoka Hey album.  I strongly recommend checking out this album.   On a side note, I have some big plans for #E2TG in 2016 which I am keeping close to the vest as I continue to fine tune those plans.  One thing of interest to me are the different places in the world where some pretty awesome musical movements seem to be bubbling up.   I tend to focus mostly on Nashville/East Nashville because that is where I am, but I am equally encouraged by the music I hear coming out of places like Oklahoma.  Part of my plan is coming up with feasible and unique ways of covering all of those different "scenes". 

"Andrew, You're Horizontal Again" by Venkman

Venkman are a band from Lichfield in the midlands section of the UK. Their new record is called Kakkorhaphiophobia.  It has elements of pop, funk, jazz and more with some delicious boy/girl harmonies.                                                                         

"Marathon Car" by Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau

Another from the outstanding Tennessee album. The song pays tribute to an automobile brand that was manufactured in Nashville a little over a century ago.  The Marathon Motor Works building is now a pretty interesting mixed-use development that includes a music venue, Lightning 100, a whiskey distillery, and Antique Archeology.

"Elinor Slomba" by Discount Ravioli

It always brings me great joy when a Discount Ravioli song comes up in the shuffle.  The music is so ridiculously fun.  This is one is a tribute to the mother of one of the members of the band.  Who knows when or if Discount Ravioli will record again - maybe the next time this kids get hopped up on sugar and stay up to late and somebody has the good sense to turn on the recorder.  I can't find a video of the band, so I substituted another Dord Music Group band called The Urinal Cakes. Enjoy.

"Ship of Fools" by Soul Asylum

From Made to Be Broken.  A prime example of the awesomeness of early Soul Asylum.

"Bombora" by The Atlantics

A fine bit of early period Australian surf rock music.  From 1963.

"Big Time Nashville Star" by Shakey Graves

From his 2014 album, And the War Came.  Dig it.

"Down Home Summertime Blues" by Norman Blake

Norman Blake was a leading figure in the early 1970s Bluegrass revival.  This track originally included on his 1972 debut album Back Home In Sulphur Springs can be found on Rounder Records 45th Anniversary Collection which you can get via

"Weird-O" by Art Blakey and The Jazz Messengers      

We close out this first shuffle of the new week with some 1956 jazz via drummer Art Blakey and the long running jazz combo - The Jazz Messengers. From an album, simply called The Jazz Messengers.    



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