Monday, December 7, 2015

Monday Morning Music Shuffle- Use Ya Blinkahs Mix

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Well. here we are on a  Monday. I'm posting this late because I have been in a conference for work all day and will be tomorrow and Wednesday.  In addition, being a Monday, my bluetooth earphones decided to act all weird.  That along with the fact that we have a very long song in the shuffle means only four songs.

But first, time to hop back into the 2015 "Earie" Awards.  To recap, last week we handed out virtual statues to Darrin Bradbury, Paul Zografi, Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau, Mark Robinson Band, and The Foresters.

I couldn't decide what to call this award, but I knew who the winners would be... three way tie on this one...  How about we call it, the New York State of Mind Award.  All of winners are excellent songwriters on the Nashville "scene" who moved her from New York, and who to me represent the best of "New Nashville".  By that I mean, they really seem to "get" what this town is about and they bring a fresh perspective and new voices.

The "New York State of Mind" Award goes to:  Lindsay Ellyn, Sara Syms, and Jeremy Nash.

Lindsay released her Out of Road EP earlier in the ear.  Surrounding herself with some of Nashville's best, she made one of my favorite records of the year, and her live shows are always amazing.

Sara released Way Back Home recently.  The album was recorded in New York, but here in Nashville, she has also embraced some great local players and has become a fixture on the local music scene.

Jeremy, like Sara Syms, recorded his recent album, Getaway Driver in New York, and I think he may be the freshest face of the three in Nashville.

The three albums are among my favorites, the three songwriters are, I believe, net gain assets for the Nashville music community.   I am happy to let them fight over the one, invisible award.

Moving on...

Finally, I have to say that I learned a lesson this weekend.  When you post something on the internet about how you don't dance, you are just setting yourself up.  This weekend, I found myself dancing not once but twice at two different venues on Saturday night.  Thanks to the person at the Basement East who I don't know who convinced to dance during Sadler Vaden's set and Mary Sack for convincing me to dance during Ballhog! (I think).

It was another amazing weekend for live music kicking off with Jon Latham who killed it opening for the out of this world Malcolm Holcombe. Holcombe's band included Darrell Scott and Ken Coomer, and Mary Gauthier joined in for one song.  After that I got a good reminder of the awesome friends I have made over the last year or so.  Helping some friends celebrate their new house, singing loudly and badly to Bob Seger, and being a part of a conversation that moved naturally from the lack of necessity of the powder on Doritos to the films of Werner Herzog,,,,

Saturday, Sadler Vaden was amazing and Drvin' 'n' Cryin' were every bit the legends they are - with Warner E. Hodges on guitar, they played for around 2 1/2 hours including playing nearly an hour long encore that included Warner leading the band through "Absolutely Sweet Marie".  Then, I made it to the 5 Spot very late to catch the tail end of the Get Behind the Mule: Tom Waits Tribute and Benefit for Second Harvest Food Bank.  I know the whole night was fabulous, but at least I saw Shane Tutmarc, Bone Machine, and Ballhog!.

To the short, sharp, shuffle:

"Hand Me Down Heart" by Jon Latham

Fresh off his triumphant opening slot on Friday, Jon kicks off the strange short shuffle with one of my favorite songs of his.  From Real Bad News... this is one of those songs that just kind of grabs you by the heartstrings and pulls until you beg for mercy.

"Untouchable" by The Train Set

From Never California, The Train Set emerged in the mid to late eighties from the UK. Although, I missed out on them the first time, I am very happy for the rerelease of some of their music.  I can tell I would have loved it had I heard it back in the day. This song was the b-side to the band's first 12" single (according to the caption of a 1988 live performance video on You Tube.

"Slipping From Your Heart" by The Deadline Shakes

Another track from the new album, Zealots, from Glascow band The Deadline Shakes.  This one starts as an emotional ballad before settling into one of the band's signature catchy grooves.

"Pak Ya Cah" by 100% Beefcake

We close things out with the epic sixteen minute long tribute to all things Bastin.  100% Beefcake are one of those many side project bands on the Dord Music Group label.   Dig it and use yer blinkah.


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