Friday, March 18, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Grand Coulee Dam Mix

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Okay... so I feel like I am limping (battered and bloody) into the weekend, but it is Friday...

Friday is the day when we randomly shuffle songs from our Featured Friday playlist which is a playlist of songs we want to feature. 

Did I mention it's Friday?  And that we have some songs to feature? I did? Good! I think that cover it.  Shuffle after the jump

"Mercy, Mercy" by Jean Synodinos

From her album, Love and Blood.  Synodinos just placed #9 among the top 10 songwriters and #6 among the best folk artists at the Austin Music Awards. I really dig her songs and her voice.

"Adultery" by Pony Girl

So, don't be confused: Pony Boy is a singer-songwriter from LA/Nashville and she is a girl.  Pony Girl are from Canada, and they are boys and girls. Pony Girl released Foreign Life in November. This is, I think, our first listen, and I like what they are doing. It is highly original music - very refreshing. 
"Within This Skin" by Saint Cole

Next up, the title track from the debut EP from UK artist Saint Cole. I have been really digging this record, and it looks like Saint Cole has some new music out or soon to come out. 

"Walking on the Levee" by Kevin Gordon

From Long Gone Time... to me this is one of the stand out tracks from that album.  Always good to have a Kevin Gordon song come up in the shuffle...

"Polly's Running Out of Patience" by the transcendents

E2TG favorites from Christchurch, NZ return to the shuffle with another excellent track. This is from the EP Common Ground.  That record is the latest release from the band, but they just recently teased, The Sun is Still Asleep.  I have my ear to the ground... I will keep you posted, or you can follow them on Facebook.

"Biggest Thing That Man Has Ever Done" by Brian Wright

So, way, way back on Music City Monday, our first shuffle of the week was one of my favorite Brian Wright songs, and now, here we are coming full circle to the last song of the last shuffle of the week... From the Café Rooster Sessions Vol. 1 - Wright's take on the epic historical/morality song written by Woody Guthrie.  A very awesome way to end the week of shuffles...



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