Friday, April 22, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Boiling Over Mix

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Still reeling from yesterdays news of the sudden passing of Prince.  I do not have a specific Prince story to tell.  I wish I did.  Being of a certain age, his music was a significant part of the soundtrack of my coming of age.  He was without a doubt one of the greats.  Certainly in terms of talent, but also in way his music cut across so many barriers. This, I think is a testament to the complexity of the man behind the music and to the power of the music itself.  Even at times, I was feeling the most anti-mainstream in my musical tastes, I could not deny Prince. Even when I did not completely understand what he was doing, I could not deny Prince. Nashville is going to light up the Korean Veterans Bridge and Courthouse in purple tonight.  Nashville is Music City and Prince was one of the most significant musicians of our time. Rest in Peace, Prince.  Let's Go Crazy!

"Oneironnaut  (Interlude)" by Mind the Journey

How about an interlude to kick off our Featured Friday shuffle.  Mind the Journey is a Boston based recording project.  The album is called Color in the Gray Machine, and it is out now. 

"The Sound's Around You" by The Sunshine Fix

So, my young friends from Connecticut has gotten me seeking out bands from the Elephant 6 collective out of Athens, GA.  The Sunshine Fix was the solo project of the late Bill Doss of Olivia Tremor Control. Man I like this a bunch.

"Changed" by Chase Walker Band

Another hard rocking track from the forthcoming Not Quite Legal album  by Chase Walker Band.  This seems like a good time to mention that in addition to Prince, the music world lost another legend yesterday with the passing of blues/roots guitar player/singer Lonnie Mack.

"Raised on Rock 'N' Roll" by Strange Majik

I hope you caught my review of the latest release by Strange Majik.  This is the title track from that album which came out today.  This is definitely among my favorite albums of the first half of this year.

"Nashville" by Tommy Womack

Namaste - the latest album by Nashville legend Tommy Womack will be among my favorites when it is released. This track which features Will Kimbrough, Paul Griffith, Lisa Oliver-Gray, and Matt Fell.  It is a mostly spoken song - which Womack does better than most - about this city that we all love in spite of its current status as an "It City".  Womack hits upon so many landmarks and truths here it is hard to keep up.   

"Consisting of Love" by Andrew Adkins

I got to see Andrew Adkins with Tommy Womack (and Tim Carroll, Jon Byrd, and Joe Nolan) a few weeks back at The Country.  This is another track from Adkins' fantastic recent album called Glass Castles.  I dig this album a bunch, and I think you will, too.

"Dream Demon" by Mind the Journey

Another track from Mind the Journey. 

"East Jesus" by Elouise

We close out the shuffle and the week with another track from Deep Water by Elouise. This is a brand new band - so new that I was actually the first person to "like" their Facebook Page.  It is really nice to get in on the ground floor of music this interesting and exciting.  As I mentioned the other day, the only video that I could find for the band is on Vimeo. Rather than post that one again, I selected a video from the band Old Californio - the band whose lead singer/front man, Rich Denbowski is now a part of Elouise. They describe their sound as blackgrass. 


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