Monday, April 11, 2016

Music City Monday Shuffle - Locked Horns with Legba Mix

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Good morning - I am back after an extended weekend.

As I reported Thursday morning, Thursday night was one of those impossible choice Nashville nights.  I ended up following musicians from gig to gig because I figured that was one way, I could be sure to catch as much as I could without being late for something else.

Thursday Night Recap (since this is my first post since then):

Started out at The Basement East for the inaugural edition of Lightning 100's Thunderground.  $3.00 cover, $2.50 PBR pints and tons of cool music.  Enjoyed hanging with some fine folks and hearing Don Gallardo and How Far West - who sounded so damn good.  Becca Mancari was next, and I really dug her music.  There was more awesome music on tap there - including Steelism, but I followed Adam Kurtz over to the American Legion Post 82 for the 3rd ever performance of Buck 'N' Stuff (the premiere Buck Owen's tribute band!).  First up at the Legion was Matt Campbell - Troubadour who was backed by the farmer and Adele from The Farmer and Adele. Buck 'N' Stuff did not disappoint - there were flying beer bottles and lots and lots of Buck Owens' covers.  After Buck 'N' Stuff wrapped up their set, I followed Buck 'N' Stuff bass player Cameron Carrus to The 5 Spot spot - to wrap up my night with an awesome set from Luella. Luella was backed by Tim Carroll, Toby Caldwell, and Cameron. 

I spent the weekend with my daughter, and so I missed the reportedly (and expectedly) excellent Darrin Bradbury, Joey Kneiser, and Austin Lucas show.

Ah.. why cry over missed shows...   Onward and upward!

My daughter and I had a an enjoyable afternoon yesterday at Sugar. A Bakery in Leiper's Fork, Tennessee listening to Lindsay Ellyn and Taylor Alexander backed by the Jess Perkins.  They play just about every Sunday and mix up classic country covers with their own original music.  Great music, great food, and a great atmosphere. Leiper's Fork is located south of Nashville near Franklin.  The drive is gorgeous.

It is Monday - where we feature songs associated with or connected to Music City USA.

"Dreaming" by Charlie Whitten

This song was the title track off of Whitten's 2012 album.  I got hold of it from a Noisetrade compilation called, An Assortment.  In the past few months, I have had several chances to see Whitten perform live: a couple of times fronting his band and just this past Thursday night, he was playing guitar and singing background vocals with Becca Mancari at The Basement East.  I really love his songs and his unique voice.

"Dog in the Street" by The Shakers

Another from the 1990 album, Songs from Beneath the Lake.  The Shakers were an important part of the Nashville music scene in that era, and made music that was very unique for the time and which remains fresh sounding some 26 years later.

"Bring Down the Hammer" by The Georgia Satellites

In despite of their name and the obvious connection to the Peach State, The Satellites were also an important part of the Nashville music scene in the mid to late 80s.  In the Land of Salvation and Sin remains for me one of my favorite albums of all time.  E2TG Artist of the Year, Jon Latham recently covered a song from this album on Lightning 100

"Lived to Tell" by Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen

From Love and Life... when I reviewed the album last July, I said, "Drozdowski and his Scissormen are adept in walking the line between purism and innovation."  I stand by that.  If you want to see the development of the blues into the 21st Century while still feeling connected to the roots of the music, I can do no better than recommend you listen to Ted Drozdowski's Scissormen.  If you get the chance to see them live, do it! 

"Leavin'" by Shelby Lynne

Like many artists past and present, Shelby Lynne's relationship with Nashville was rather rocky.  The sister of songwriter Allison Moorer, Lynne survived a troubled and tragic childhood and has been making great music for many years.  As she gears for her latest album, a come-back of sorts, she recently released a compilation on Noisetrade that included this track from her 1999 breakout album, I Am Shelby Lynne.

"More Than Enough" by Lori Kelley

One of my favorite songs from Lori Kelley's new album, More.  Great stuff.

"Let You Go" (Early Version) by Brady Toops

It seems like this is a day for Noisetrader compilations.  This soulful track comes from a recently released Soundtrack to Summer which was put together by the Nashville-based lifestyle brand, Nisolo.  Brady Toops has a new album coming soon - with a PledgeMusic campaign going on now.



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