Thursday, April 21, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - Ounce for Ounce Mix

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Well - as I get ready to write today's blog post, the news about the death of Prince at age 57 has just come to me.  This is very sad news, and I am not sure at this point what else to say.  Rest easy, sir, and thank you for the gift of your music.

I'll just move on into my shuffle - 'cause it is what I do.... This is throwback Thursday, and we have a really nifty shuffle - even though it includes one non-throwback song...

"I'm Your Puppet" by James and Bobby Purify

I was fortunate enough to see Dan Penn perform on his birthday last November, and I remember him singing this song that he wrote with Spooner Oldham.  This is the original release which Penn produced at FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals.

"Add it Up" by Violent Femmes

"City's restless, it's ready to pounce." is one of my favorite lines of all time. From one of the best albums period.  

"When the River Runs Deep" by Iron Maiden

Okay -mark this date... for the first time ever, I made a mistake.  So, when I created the Throwback Thursday playlist, for expediency sake, I went through by artist name of the songs on my playlist.  I knew I had added some old metal songs and so I added this without double checking.  It turns out this is a recent Iron Maiden song from a mix CD that I got from a friend.  What the hell, it is a cool song - so... it's funny, when I was in high school and first coming of age musically, there was (at least in my mind) a metal vs. punk divide. And to be honest, the 1980s produced some truly awful music out of the loose "metal" genre. Yes, hair bands, I talking about you.  So as a result, it took me awhile to really listen some really awesome metal bands. So that's my story.  So, this isn't a throwback song, but it did throw me back...

"Baby You're a Goner" by The Weeks

Another track from that early, early album by The Weeks which they made available on Noisetrade.  Dig it!

"Four Horsemen" by The Clash

From London Calling - another one of the best albums of all time.  I love The Clash.

"I'll Change Your Flat Tire, Merle" by Pure Prairie League

So, beyond the name, I have to admit I didn't know much about Pure Prairie League.  This recording came from their 1977 live album, Live, Takin' the Stage.  A couple of my favorite Nashville musicians have been/are members of a more recent incarnation of this band (Rick Schell and Fats Kaplin).  For Merle...

"Ghost Town" (Extended Version) by The Specials

We close things out with one of the most iconic songs of my teenage years.  From 1981.  "This town..."



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