Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Heads Explode Mix

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Don't Forget! #E2TG 5th Anniversary Extravaganza May 18 at The 5 Spot in East Nashville!

Writing and posting late today. I've been at a work conference all day, and then stopped by Charlie Bob's to see Jon Byrd and eat some $.50 tacos and drink some $2 Little Harpeth.

Tomorrow could be iffy, as I am back at the conference all day, but I will post if I can.

Let's jump into the Trending Tuesday Shuffle - because Patrick Kinsley is filling in for Derek Hoke tonight at $2 Tuesdays, and he and A Fistful of Dollars are playing a set.  If you can't make it out tonight, you can and should come out and see them on May 18 when they are playing the E2TG 5 Year Anniversary Extravaganza (hey I'm getting good at these subtle self-promotion deals).

"Only Wanna Be" by Hannah in the Wars

Hannah in the Wars are from London by way of New Zealand.  I really dig their brand of slow, kind of ethereal pop music. This is from their self-titled album.

"Be Yr Own Redeemer" by Black Severn

Next up is a band/duo from Bristol (UK not Tennessee or Virginia). The released their self-titled album back in March, and we have a song from that album today.  This track has a really cool stark, acoustic vibe that I like. Very unique.  I will be posting more by them soon.

"Getaway Driver" by Jeremy Nash

Next up, we have the title track from Nashville by way of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Jeremy Nash - who was a recipient of one of the inaugural Earie awards last year.  Love this tune!

"The Ax" by Lilly Hiatt

Another track from the Royal B-Sides collection available on Noisetrade.  Hiatt is a part of the deep and vibrant East Nashville music community in much the same way her father was part of the deep and vibrant West Nashville music community in the 1970s. 

"Sleep, MD" by Freaks for Geeks

Next up, we get another listen to Chicago rock and hip-hop band Freaks for Geeks from their album TIN. I like this album a bunch.  

"Gator Lake Road" by BARK

As you may know (if you have been paying attention), BARK is comprised of 2/3 of Tim Lee 3.  Like Tim Lee 3, they are from Knoxville - which makes sense if you think about it.  They are also, in case you didn't know, going to a part of the E2TG 5th Anniversary Extravaganza at The 5 Spot May 18.  I can't.  This is from their debut self-titled EP which came out last year.

"Henry" by Batkhi Dahn

Technically speaking, Batkhi Dahn are not playing the E2TG 5th Anniversary Extravaganza May 18 at The 5 Spot, but Batkhi Dahn's founder Hayden Nork will be there with his original band, The Foresters which includes his brother Evan who is also in Batkhi Dahn and his other brother Liam who I do not think is in Batkhi Dahn.  The new release is called Oil Change ($19.99 with coupon in about an hour).  Really it's Name Your Price and no coupon is needed. Just some Oil Change humor.  Anyway, as always this band explores some interesting sonic and lyrical territory and is worthy of your attention.

"Metal Dreams" by PONY BOY

E2TG favorite PONY BOY is back with another track from her album Blue Gold.  PONY BOY divides time between Nashville and L.A. and her CD release show last fall was a blast - including a guest spot by Robyn Hitchcock. 

"Blue Highways" by Brian Wright

Continuing the Nashville by way of L.A. (and in this case by way of Texas and maybe other places), we have Brian Wright doing one of my all-time favorite Darrin Bradbury songs.  It does it up well.  Seriously, this song needs to be really famous. This is from his Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 1 which he put out on homemade CD last year and released digitally at the very end of the year.

"Dead End Disco Streets" by Gavin Chappell-Bates

We close out the shuffle with some intelligent, catchy indie Brit-pop music from Cambridge (not Massachusetts).  The album is called We Are the Ones, and I like it a whole bunch.


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