Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Ninety Nine and One Half Days Mix

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Hey! Lots on the horizon... keep checking back with us - in fact check back every day (at least once) and tell your friends to check back...

In case you missed it, The Grey A released their latest single this morning, and E2TG was on the case...

I will soon be making a big announcement about the Ear to the Ground 5th Anniversary Show (May 18 at The 5 Spot in East Nashville). 

Today is Tuesday - where we take a look and listen to what is Trending over here at E2TG....

"drive" by The All-About

From the new album, Be Safe Goodbye.  This is trending due to the fact that I really dig this awesome sounding new album. The All-About is the project of Zac Coe and comes out of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen house. MCFK is, to my mind, one of the coolest things going. Based out of Brooklyn, Mama Coco's is a collective and recording studio that boasts an impressive line-up of really great and really diverse roster of talent.

"Two Cookies" by Levi Parham

From the Oklahoma Room Compilation that I have been featuring. This was the opening track from Levi Parham's 2013 album, An Okie Opera.  This is trending because I think some of the most exciting music in the roots/whatever world is coming out of Oklahoma these days.  Levi Parham will be in Nashville a week from tonight at The OG Basement as part of New Faces Night.

"Roots" (scratch track) by Angela Burns

This is from the album, So That You Can Feel Better.  Burns is from Austin and came my way via Independent Music Promotions who have introduced me to a ton of great music over the years.  This is trending because it is original, catchy (in a good way) music. 

"Roll Me Down" by Dan Martin

Another Oklahoma artist.  Dan Martin also has a song on that Oklahoma Room Compilation, but this track comes from his debut album Hoka Hey. I met Dan and got this CD last year at The 5 Spot during a David Olney show.  This is trending because I love chance encounters that introduce me to cool music. Plus Oklahoma again!

"Fast One" by Paul Zografi

Another track from the album Bright.  We already featured all of the songs on Zografi's latest release Brevity Lane, but we still have a couple of tracks left to play from his previous album.  This is trending because, I am constantly amazed and overwhelmed by the depth of creative talent in this town, and I like to feature that talent whenever I can.

"Kids" by The Defeated County

From St. Louis and off of the album, Bar Tabs and Baby Names.  This one came to me via e-mail.  This band blends indie rock, pop, and alt-country in a unique and catchy (that word again) way.  Trending because, I heard from a musician friend that there are music blogs that do not accept "unsolicited submissions", and I think that is sad. It has been increasing difficult to respond to every submission I receive, but if I ever get to the point that I stop listening music that comes to me in whatever way, shape, or form - I hope I just quit this thing altogether.

"Red House" by Chase Walker Band

Another track from the forthcoming, Not Quite Legal album.  This is a cover of the Jimi Hendrix song - a 12 bar blues number that sounds like it could have originated somewhere in the Mississippi Delta. Trending because it is heartening to see young people working hard and putting out authentic music.  And also, because this kicks all kinds of ass.

"Pie in the Sky" by Reckless Johnny Wales

We close out the shuffle with another track from Reckless Johnny's American Heart album.  Reckless Johnny has been hard at work on his follow up.  Boasting a legendary back story (no matter which version you believe), Reckless Johnny is prominent and colorful and a representation of the real Nashville. This is one of my favorite songs from the album.  This is trending because.. because Reckless Johnny Wales.  As unlikely as it seems, I met Reckless Johnny last year at the Cash Cabin recording studio in Hendersonville, and I enjoyed hearing his tales of visiting the cabin back when Johnny Cash was still among us.


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