Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Staring at the Wall Mix

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Mark your calendars for MAY 18, 2016 - The Ear to the Ground 5th Anniversary Extravaganza 5 Acts, 5 Spot, 5 $.

Greetings from Nashville!  As I reported yesterday, I was out of the city at work conference all day, but I did shuffle and listen to the Wild Wednesday Playlist on the way there and back - actually 32 songs total.  No way did I have time for a 32 song post, so I am posting the first 10 songs of the shuffle (about the length of a normal shuffle).

I had a blast hanging out for a little while at The 5 Spot for $2 Tuesday with Patrick Kinsley filling in for Derek Hoke.  And I got to see Patrick and his band a Fistful of Dollars perform.  It was great to have my decision to invite them to play the 5th Anniversary show confirmed.  You do not want to miss them!

Here is the shuffle:

"Version City" (Clash Cover) by Tim Krekel

First up is a Clash cover by the late Nashville rocker and songwriter Tim Krekel.  It was from a tribute album called The Sandinista Project which included several notable Nashville artists. Krekel who passed away in 2009 came to my attention in the mid 80s with his band The Sluggers.  Labor Day weekend 1985, The Sluggers were part of a free show in the parking lot of Cat's Records on West End in Nashville.  That show also included Jason and the Scorchers and The Movement - a band fronted by Richie Owens which featured Brian O'Hanlon on drums (the are currently playing together again in Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau).  What I remember from the Sluggers set was the awesome energy and the several Flipper covers in their set.  The band also played, "I Can't Help Myself" which Krekel wrote and which was recorded by The Scorchers.

"Silent Night" by Elouise

Yes this is the German Christmas Carole - and yes this is the L.A. band Elouise which we have been featuring of late.  It's a really dark and moody version.  (No video was found - although a found a video of a singer called Elouise performing "Silent Night", but I am pretty sure it is a different artist so I did not include it.

"A" by Balance

Balance are an ambient, noise, techno duo from Rome.  There new record is called 3, and this is the first of three tracks.

"Black Coffee" by Black Flag

From the 1984 fourth studio album - Slip It In.  Song written by Greg Ginn - lead vocalist was Henry Rollins.

"The Immigrant" by SuperCrashingStar

Another track from New York band, SuperCrashingStar.  I dig this one a bunch.

"Ripe Flesh" by The Jolly Light Brigade

From the CAK EP.  The Jolly Light Brigade is a project of Atticus Floyd and (I am pretty sure) features Evan and Hayden of The Foresters.  

"Seven Colors of Shoeshine" by Smokey the Firebear

Sticking with young people from Connecticut - we have another track from the Teshio Democracy EP.  

"Embark" by Kyle Reid

Next, another one from that awesome Oklahoma Room CD that I found on a table at The 5 Spot.  Man there are some cool folks from Oklahoma.

"DNT change" by Youngstrr Joey

Another wild one from Youngstrr Joey - those Scots are making lots of cool music, too. 

"Postcard from Mexico" by David Olney

We close things out with Nashville icon David Olney from the album One Tough Town (2007). The song has been featured twice on the ABC television series Nashville. In the accompanying video, Olney performs with Sergio Webb who sings into a megaphone.  To my knowledge, Sergio Webb will not have a megaphone when he performs with Julie Christensen and Chris Tench of Stone Cupid on May 18 at The 5 Spot, but if you don't come you will not know for sure.  By the way, David Olney is releasing his first ever live concert DVD with CD called Holiday in Holland which features Sergio Webb.  David Olney will be playing Bobby's Idle Hour in Nashville on May 7 before heading out for a European Tour.


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