Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Without Any Clues Mix

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Reason to love Nashville Part (some really high number so lets say 420):  Last night, I went out to check out some live music. I saw (I think) eight amazing artists/bands - total admission price $2.

The Basement - New Faces Night is a pretty cool local institution.  Although I do not out to it as often as I would like, when I do, I always discover great new music, and last night was not exception. I went out to see Sammy Brue and Levi Parham.  They were both mind-blowingly good.  Sammy Brue writes some really amazing songs.  That he is fourteen years old is merely a chronological fact - not some much relevant to the quality of his music.   Levi Parham is part of that incredible Oklahoma music community.  In between those two, Joel Eckels from California was really good - he was joined by Zack Smith of Smooth Hound Smith for a few songs.  Nashville newcomer, Kristen Ford, played one-man band style with lots of loops and stuff. Really dug her a lot.

I had to go to The 5 Spot to hang some posters for my upcoming 5 Year Anniversary Show.  Do you know about that?  Here's the event - ICYMI.  Anyway, it was $2 Tuesday which is always a great hang.  I checked the lineup and didn't immediately recognize any of the names (except host Derek Hoke) on the bill, and I kind of thought I might just put up my posters, grab a $2 Yazoo pint and head home.  Yeah, about that...  When I got to The 5 Spot, The John Hancock Band was on stage.  This all-female band absolutely killed it! I'm not sure why I have not heard of them before now, but I am glad that oversight has been cleared up. Derek Hoke was up next with his all-star band (Paul Niehaus, Mark Robertson, and Steve Latanation)- they were brilliant as always, next up was Runner of the Woods who played folk, country, plus some Cajun music that warmed this misplaced Cajun boy's heart.  The final act was Jack Kerowax (I have seen the name before and been intrigued). I am happy to report that the band lives up to the great name. 

Hmm... coincidently, our Wild Wednesday shuffle falls of April 20 this year... read into that what you would like...

"Rocky I,II, and III Made Me Go Back to Therapy" by Bashful Hips

We start things off with our final track to feature from Bashful Hips previous album, Too Old for a Coming of Age Story.  Singing about the emotional effects of the  first three films of the Sly Stallone series.

"First Notes Back in Society" by Bashful Hips

Somehow appropriately, we have a second Bashful Hips track in the shuffle. This is the opening song of his latest album, After I Died, I've Never Felt So Alive".  Nice one-two punch to start my mid-week morning.

"Hunted" by Cowboy Junkies

Another live recording from the Noisetrade released Live at Belly Up. This song was first released on the 1993 album, Pale Sun Crescent Moon. 

"Rhythm (Devoted to the Art of Moving Butts)" by A Tribe Called Quest

Remembering the late, Phife Dawg, and being reminder of what a brilliant band A Tribe Called Quest was... Get your butt moving!

"NaNaNaNaNa" by Batkhi Dahn

A track from Oil Change, the brand new album from Batkhi Dahn.  So happy to finally get to meet some of the members of Batkhi Dahn next month when The Foresters come to Nashville. Brilliant stuff!

"Going to Miami" by Strange Majik

ICYMI - I posted my review of the new Strange Majik album Raised on Rock 'N' Roll, this morning.  This is the opening track.  So damn good!

"Too Damn Pretty" by The Weeks

In celebration of their 10th Anniversary, Nashville-based The Weeks released some of their earliest music via Noisetrade.  The brilliance of this band was evident from the start.

"Deep Water" by Elouise

Via the inbox.  Elouise are an L.A. based band.  This is the brilliant title track from their debut album which is due out in the summer.  This was my first listen, and I am hooked.  The video for this track is on Vimeo so I cannot add it to my playlist below, but here it is...


"Emowah and the Grand Slammer Kidnap the President" by Smokey the Firebear

Wild Wednesday would seem less wild without a Smokey the Firebear track.   This one is from the Miro Leo Sun EP.  And it may be one of my favorite Smokey the Firebear tracks.  What a great title, too.

"Night Moves" by The Drifters

And yeah, speaking of wild... how about the legendary doowop/soul/rhythm and blues band doing their cover of the Bob Seger classic... sublimely good stuff.


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