Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Cardboard Fruit Mix

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ICYMI - E2TG posted a preview of new release of rare field recordings by Alan Lomax which will be released this coming Friday (April 8).  Read about it HERE.

Man oh man!  There is so much good music that has been or will be released over the next couple of months.  I am digging through album streams and downloads and my disorganized inbox and mind and furiously trying to get some reviews done.  Expect some soon.  And in the meantime, look for tracks from some of these new releases in shuffles - perhaps beginning today...

I think this shuffle fulfills our Wild Wednesday mission.  Basically, the "Wild Wednesday" playlist consists of songs that I decided to add to the "Wild Wednesday" playlist for reasons not even I understand.  Wild!

"Hole Digging Party/Take On Me" by Discount Ravioli

Throwing it back (I know wrong day) to the very first Discount Ravioli album. Improvisational songwriting at it's best with an impromptu cover of  a 1984 hit single by a Norwegian band that we will not name to avoid possible legal action. Aha!  (Note: Another vintage video featuring the Nork brothers was substituted into the shuffle since Discount Ravioli have heretofore eschewed videos.  This video shows that the Nork boys have been into music for a very long time.

"Psycho, Pt. 1" by Bill Frisell

The theme from the Alfred Hitchcock classic - performed by the innovative jazz guitarist Bill Frisell from his latest album When You Wish Upon a Star.

"Easy Rider" by Big Brother and the Holding Company

A song from the self-titled debut album by the San Francisco band that was fronted by Janis Joplin during the early years of their existence.

"Emo Girl" by Circus Propaganda

Another track from Botany - an album on the Dord Music Group label by the now defunct band Circus Propaganda - which featured many Dord and former Dord artist who we continue to feature regularly. The song is about an Emo Girl.

"Tutti Frutti" by Little Richard

A definitive song of the early rock and roll era.  Originally the song featured extremely ribald lyrics, but to make the song palatable the lyrics were re-written by Dorothy LaBostrie, and as they say, the rest was history.

"What Goes On" by The Dils

The Dils were a California punk band featuring Tony and Chip Kinman who would go onto form Rank and File in Austin, Texas with Alejandro Escovedo.  This is a live version of the Velvet Underground classic - which was released on an album called Dils, Dils, Dils in the early 90s.

"Go Down Hannah" by Heritage Blues Orchestra

One of the highlights of the Heritage Blues Orchestra show I saw at The Franklin Theater last year, was their version of this song written by Lead Belly.  Coincidently, John and Alan Lomax recording of Lead Belly doing this song was released by the Library of Congress in 1995.

"The RIP Dimebag Song" by Smokey the Firebear

Another Smokey the Firebear song - this time from the Teshio Democracy EP.  A song about a rip in a dimebag... I think.

"Poet" by Sly and the Family Stone

From There's a Riot Goin' On... the 1971 album by Sly and the Family Stone.  Man, I love this music.

"Georgia Grind" by Thomas Morris and His Seven Hot Babies

How about a jazz recording from the 1920s?  How about it! 

"Gone" by Strange Majik

One of those new releases I alluded to back in the opening paragraphs of this post (remember?)... Strange Majik is releasing his new album on April 22. It is called Raised on Rock 'n' Roll, and in some ways it is a return to the blues rock sound of his previous band The Dead Exs but the music still retains the groovier style of his 2015 album Lights On.  Expect a full review soon, but in the meantime, enjoy this first listen... such a deep groove... man oh man!


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