Friday, May 20, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Deluge of Words Mix

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THANKS!!!! To all the bands, the guests, The 5 Spot, and all the kind words from near and far!  The 5 Year Anniversary Extravaganza was a smash hit (as far as I am concerned). Let's do it again some time soon! (not a 5 Year Anniversary Extravaganza but you know what I mean!)

A recap:  First of all, I had the great pleasure of meeting and having dinner with The Foresters and their parental entourage. Really awesome folks!  Then, I made it back to the 5 Spot for Will Kimbrough with a full band who was incredible as always and somehow better than ever. Will was followed by the one and only RB Morris - poet, songwriter, musician, and bandleader - called the unofficial poet laureate of Tennessee.  I seriously implore you if you have not made any of the first three shows of his residency, do not miss the final week!

Then, it was time for the Extravaganza to begin (why oh why did I not call it an Anniversary Bash?)..

I had the pleasure of welcoming the aforementioned The Foresters to the stage for their debut Nashville performance (not counting the recording they did at Third Man Records earlier in the day and the live stream they did after that from their Airbnb.  They were amazing, and I think they won over some new fans in Nashville.

Next up was Julie Christensen, Sergio Webb, and Chris Tench who rocked the house with lots of guitars. Julie's legendary voice was in fine form. They performed songs from The Cardinal and some new music, too.  The full Stone Cupid band will be playing next Wednesday at The High Watt - you do not want to miss that one!

Then, Maritime Laws were put into effect has Patrick Kinsley and a Fistful of Dollars rocked the house with some new arrangements of old songs and some new music.

BARK (the duo featuring Tim and Susan Bauer Lee of Tim Lee 3) brought their massive two piece wall of sound in a high-energy performance that exceeded my high expectations.

And finally, Adrian + Meredith closed out the night with a powerhouse full-band performance (doing a lot of songs from their highly anticipated upcoming album).  Their band propelled by Adrian's incredible songs and Meredith's awesome fiddle work featured Paul Niehaus on pedal steel and a guest appearance by the awesome Nashville Horns.

The performances were all top-notch, I loved seeing so many good friends... the between song music was a shuffle (what else) of a special Spotify playlist that I created featuring music from the first 5 years of E2TG.  I heard such favorites as Jon Latham, Joe Nolan, and Miss Shevaughn and Yuma Wray (who were all in attendance), plus Marla Mase, Black Jake and the Carnies, Lost Romance, Artur U and the New City Limits, Strange Majik, and more...

Let's get back to the business of posting - as the next 5 years starts now!

"B2" by Balance

When you name your third album, "3" and the first two tracks "A" and "B" - what else do you name track #3 except "B2"?   Another listen to the awesome duo from Rome, Italy. 
"Indigent Blues" by Wendy James

More awesome music from The Price of the Ticket from the former Transvision Vamp singer.  The album features guest spots  from Glen Matlock (Sex Pistols), Lenny Kaye (Patti Smith Group), and James Sclavunos (Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds).  It is needless to say, really awesome stuff - check it out. 
"Get in Line, Stranger" by The Grisly Hand

I am majorly digging this new music from the Kansas City based The Gristly Hand.  Their latest album is called Flesh and Gold, and it was deserving of your attention.  A wonderfully sounding record with some excellent songs. 

"Bitch Can't Sing" by Aaron Lee Tasjan

Another awesomely cool track from In the Blazes - hotly anticipating the follow-up album. Catch ALT on tour if at all possible. 

"Treat Her Like Candy" by Delta Deep

Another track from the recent debut album by the band that features members of Def Leppard and Stone Temple Pilots backing a powerhouse blues singer. 

"Cut Down the Moon" by Jason P. Krug

The hits keep on coming from The Zen of Losing by long time friend of E2TG, Jason P. Krug (The Grimm Generation) whose name came up more than once in my conversation with Jack Nork  (The Foresters' father) a fellow Connecticutian (or whatever).    You should definitely make JPK's website part of our required reading.

"Snip-Snap Intro" by Batkhi Dahn

"I Get Off (Russell Stover Clatter Attack)" by Batkhi Dahn

I got hold of a Batkhi Dahn CD (along some other Dord Music Group/The Foresters swag) on Wednesday.  The brief intro from the Oil Change album was followed (randomly) by another awesome track from that album.  By the way, this marks the second Russell Stover reference in a Dord release... coincidently, Russell Stover opened a factory in my hometown during my youth.  

"Bracelet Dream of the Shadow" by Adam Stafford

Taser Revelations is the latest album by this Scottish singer/songwriter.  Really awesome stuff.  

"Pepper Mama" by Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue

We close out the day with more music from this all-star blues band featuring blues men from California and Texas.  Some good old fashioned blues music to close out a rainy Friday afternoon. 


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