Friday, May 6, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Like I Care Mix

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The First Annual E2TG Anniversary Extravaganza!  May 18! The 5 Spot! East Nashville! Everything is falling into place... you are the missing piece!  Be there!        

Wow!  The days seem to be flying by of late... The anniversary show will be here before I know it!  So much to do, so little time... 

A lot on my mind, I kind of feel another of those long, multi-subject posts coming on.. kind of the state of my mind address/manifesto...

Kind of sort of non-music related, but I went to an art talk last night at The Red Arrow Gallery in East Nashville.  The talk was between Joe Nolan (who besides being an excellent songwriter/singer also writes about art) and Lindsy Davis.  Lindsy's incredible show at Red Arrow is closing this weekend, so if you are in Nashville go see it.  (Just to make a connection for you) Lindsy also happens to be the creator of the "Bob" image from Darrin Bradbury's album The Story of Bob (which I use as my profile picture on Facebook).  So, see it does relate to music... Anyway, the talk was illuminating and inspiring and seems to have set off some creative sparks for me personally. 

So, the moral of all this is to say, go out and explore some art.  Even if you don't think of yourself as an "art" person, go to an art talk (if possible one with Joe Nolan) and listen and take in the art with an open mind and open heart.  Art (visual, musical, verbal, whatever) is an important part of the fabric of our world.  As governments cut funding and society tries to marginalize true art (while elevating people who almost literally do nothing), art endures and it is vital and needs to be supported.

Coming down off my soapbox - it is Friday.  Featured stuff coming up...

"How Much You Pay for That?" by Batkhi Dahn

I am so excited to get to meet the creative genius behind Batkhi Dahn in less than two weeks. (And to see The Foresters make their Music City debut!)  Here is Batkhi Dahn from the album, Oil Change, asking the musical question, "How Much You Pay for That?"

"Not Alone" by Ilana J

Ilana J is a singer-songwriter from the UK.  We have featured a few songs from her debut EP, Freefalling from the Ground Up.  She is preparing to release her debut full-length soon, and in the meantime, she released this new single back in February.  It's good stuff.

"It Hurts to Love You Sometimes" by Brian Carpenter and the Confessions

If you haven't listened to The Far End of the World, you need to take care of that right away.  It darkly woven and delicately balanced Americana music.  Brian Carpenter from Boston, is also a member of Beat Circus and Ghost Train Orchestra. 

"I'm Just Like You" by the British IBM

Another from the excellent, Psychopaths Dream in Black and White.  Catchy Indie-pop music from the UK.

"Sleep No More" by Outta the Furnace

Another hard rocking, blues track from this Virginia band. Good stuff!

"Like I Care" by Lori Kelley

Another excellent song from Lori Kelley's More album.

"history of everything" by The All-About

A stunning bit of pure pop heaven from Be Safe Goodbye from Brooklyn band, The All-About. They will be having their CD release show next Thursday at Black Bear Bar in Brooklyn.

"Gone" by Black Vincent

The shuffle pulls up another track from Teardrop Deluxe from Michigan band, Black Vincent. The album was produced in Nashville by the power team of  Justin Collins and Adam Landry.

"Blackbirds" by Dan Martin

Another track from Hoka Hey which I got from Dan Martin at a David Olney show last year at The 5 Spot. This is one of my favorites from that album.
"Veldbrand (Fields of Fire)" by Bosveld  (feat. Jenny Berkel)

We close out the shuffle and the week with the title track (sort of) from Bosveld.  This beautiful track features singer Jenny Berkel from Montreal.  Great stuff...



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