Friday, May 13, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - May Forever You Run and Roll On Mix

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Ventured out last night to help send Darrin Bradbury out on his latest tour.  He did a very low-key show at East Nashville's American Legion on Gallatin Pike.  He pulled a few really rare, older songs out mothballs and threw in a few favorites.  A fun evening with great conversation following.

As I reflect on the first 5 years of E2TG, I have been trying to look back with gratitude - the people I have met, the music I have heard...  At it's most basic - E2TG is based upon the idea, "Hey, I heard some really cool music today, let me tell you about it."

Gratitude for today - is thinking about the fact that almost every single day, I receive music from all over the world, and a majority of it is really good. Here are some of those...

Featured Friday!

"May the Stars Fall at Your Door" by Andrew Adkins

I really awesome way to start the morning - the first single (and a very nice blessing) from Andrew Adkins' latest album, Glass Castles.. 

"Bad Intentions and A Bit of Cruelty" by Wendy James

Wendy James was the lead singer of the band, Tranvision Vamp - who released 3 albums in the late 1980s and early 1990s.  Her latest solo album is called The Price of the Ticket. This is a track from that album - certified bad ass!

"Boom" by Zombie Garden Club

Zombie Garden Club are a Nashville band via Toronto.  Man, I really dig this song. There is a retro feel but the energy is fresh.  

"Nothing Changes" by The Jade Assembly

The Jade Assembly are from Bolton UK.  This is their latest (I think) single which was released back in February.  Good stuff!

"Nightmares of Summer's End" by KATO

KATO is a hip hop artist from Los Angeles.  He released  A Summer in Space Beach some time ago, and we have been featuring music off of that album for a while. I really like the feel of this track... 

"My Mind Askew" by Forecast Tomorrow

From Western Sydney - another powerful track from Hats, Gloves, and Grandfather Clocks".  Psychedelic Post Metal... 

"Waiting Music" by Pony Girl

Just a 30 second pause... better than any hold music I have ever heard. 

"Hey Mikie" by the British IBM

Another awesome song from Psychopaths Dream in Black and White by the Cambridge (England) band The British IBM.   Super catchy and cool indie music from across the pond. 

"Si J'avais La Choix" by Angeline

And we close out the shuffle and the week with a track from the Back to Pike Place EP by French-born, London based singer-songwriter Angéline.



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