Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - It's Too Late Mix

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Hey - welcome to Tuesday.  E2TG turns 5 this month, and I am going to reflect on this milestone throughout the month.

Other than the incredible people I have met as a result of writing this blog, my next favorite thing has been all of the music from all over the world that has come to my ears. Music, I might otherwise never have had the opportunity to hear. Not only that, but I am fortunate enough to get to write about and try to help spread the news about this great music.

Let's jump right into the Trending Tuesday shuffle which contains some music that fits that last description.

"Tapout" by Venkman

Venkman are a funky 4-piece from the Midlands region of the UK.  The album is called,   Kakkorhaphiophobia, and it is getting some buzz in the UK, and I am honored to have the opportunity to spread the word from Nashville,Tennessee.

"Insomnia" by Ships Have Sailed

Ships Have Sailed are an alt pop/rock duo from Los Angeles.  Really good stuff. This is a track from the album Mood Swings. The band will be releasing a new album this month called Whispers.

"From My Veins Will Fall" by Ali Holder

Long-time E2TG readers may remember Ali Holder from some songs we posted a few years ago with The Raindoggs. I remember being impressed by her strong, beautiful vocals.  This is the title track from her most recent album.  Holder is based in Austin, and her new album was recorded in Oxford, MS.  The album came out last fall and seems to be getting some good attention.  I'm happy to add to that.

"Trailer Park Sunset (God Ain't Got No Holes)" by Smokey the Firebear

Another week another track from Smokey the Firebear. This is was from the Mirror Waves EP.  This is a realty gorgeous sounding track.  I once wrote a short story set in a Trailer Park.  If someone ever makes a film based upon the story, I hope this track is used as the theme music.  Great stuff!

"Poor Man's Bible" by Mike June

As I celebrate my 5th Year it seems just about perfect that I am featuring this track which came to my attention via the inimitable David Horton (Popa Tunes) who was responsible for me finding out about tons of great music in the early days of E2TG.  June is originally from New Jersey (where David Horton holds court) and is currently based in Texas.  This the title track from his forthcoming album which features Jon Dee Graham and Jess Klein.  With this one, David Horton's perfect record of artist/album recommendations remains intact.

"Halley's Comet" by The All-About

Next up another really amazing track from Be Safe Goodbye the incredible new album by The All-About who are part of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen collective.  One of the great pleasures of writing E2TG is learning about people coming together to do great things in a music world that is much different than the one that existed just a few short years ago. MCFK inspire me.  That community recently lost one of their own. Dan McLane of the band, The Harmonica Lewinskies.  I did not know Dan, but I have featured the Harmonica Lewinskies music here. Reading the posts, it is clear he was very loved and will be sorely missed by that community. My thoughts go out to all of those suffering loss.

"Morning Birds" by The End Men

In 2013, after allowing my readers to select the Band/Artist of the Year, I finally decided that Ear to the Ground is a dictatorship and not a democracy. That year, I came to the unanimous decision that Brooklyn-based, The End Men would be my Band of the Year.  The music they have made in the years since have served to confirm that I made the right call.  To this day, The End Men are the most tagged artist on this site. They are currently tearing it up all over Europe.  They recently dropped a new video for this song which was included on their most recently album called Terms and Conditions.   It would not feel right to celebrate 5 years of E2TG without The End Men along for the ride.  An appropriate song my morning walk.  

"Bed Forever" by Leapfrogtown

Yep, nothing like listening to a song about staying in bed while trudging my way to work.  Dreaming in Public is the album.  This song made me wish was going to stay in bed all day.

"The Game" by Grumsling

We featured several tracks from Grumsling a while back, and it is good to have another show up in the shuffle. This one comes from A Church, On a Boat, In the Sea which was released last year. One description the band uses is New Classic Rock which makes sense because, "The Game" is a song that sounds really familiar the first time your hear it. Plus, Grumsling have a really cool avatar/mascot.


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