Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Shut up and Give Me a Train Mix

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And we are back after a long holiday weekend!  Working hard to prepare for the launch of Double Shot with Joe and Sue on WXNA Nashville which we can now announce will officially begin on Saturday June 11 and every Saturday from 11a.m. - 1p.m. (Central Time). If you are in Nashville, you can tune us in on your radio at 101.5, elsewhere it will stream live at WXNAFM.org, and via the TuneIn App on your favorite device.  The Station will go live on Saturday June 4 at 10:15a.m. with previews of all the amazing shows, and the regular schedule kicks off Monday June 6.

Tonight, an all-star Nashville cast will be recreating Ryan Adam's legendary Heartbreaker album in its entirety at The Basement East (a short distance from where the album was recorded).  A ton of cool people on in on this. Doors at 7:30, Music at 8.   Here is the Event Page.  Get your tickets and come out!

We jump into the Trending Tuesday topic with a wide-ranging set of songs that have some kind of mini-themes built into it.

"Ash" by Weapons of Minor Disruption

We kick off the shuffle with some music from the Shoreline Sessions EP (and film) by Weapons of Minor Disruption (aka our old friend The Danbury Lie).  We have the whole Shoreline Sessions video/film in the Video Playlist.

"Comanche" by Balu and die Surfgrammeln

More awesome surf/instrumental music from Austria.  

"Cool to Be Your Fool" by Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue

More great blues music from the states of Texas and California. 

"Slappy Swims in the Pool Nightly Pt. 1" by Batkhi Dahn

Cool music from Batkhi Dahn, the side project of Hayden from The Foresters.  This is off of Oil Change.  And yes, Pt. 2 is also on that release. 

"For Weezy, Alaskan Ice" by Baron and Byrne

Baron & Bryne is Joe Doris of London.  This is the b-side to a recent single called Silver Beetle.  I could not find a representative video so here is the sound via soundcloud.

"This Travelling is Hard on My Old Joints" by The Jolly Light Brigade

A recording of a voice - via the CAK EP by Dord Music Group - supergroup - The Jolly Light connection. 

"Ginsberg" by Jon Latham

I recent to preview a rough mix of a song from Jon Latham's follow-up to Real Bad News, and I can report that it will be awesome.  He is recording the album with Josh Morris again.  Here we have one of my favorite songs from the previous albums.  Jon Latham at his best.

"Above the Trees" by Tim McNary

Next up, the title track from the amazing new album by Tim McNary.  

"Il Giardino Della Mia Follia" by Le Folli Arie

The shuffle continues with more incredible Prog-Pop music all the way from Milano, Italy.   It looks like they had a few fan-made videos for this track. 
"New Cowboy Shirt" by Iced Ink

We close out the shuffle with more great music from MCFK band, Iced Ink from their album Willie Nelson Price. 


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