Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Branches on the Pines Mix

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Hey ho!  I am a little short on time, but I will get through what I can.  Me and Sue recorded our first
pre-recorded show of Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  Our show will be broadcast every Saturday from 11am to 1pm starting... (soon!).  Every other week we will be doing the show live, the other week will be pre-recorded.    In the central Nashville area you can tune in to 101.5 FM.  Outside of Nashville or if you are not near a radio, you can listen to WXNAFM.ORG.  I will be updating here and on Facebook when the first show date is announced.

Today, we have a Trending Tuesday shuffle... let's get to it....

"God Gave Up" by Mike June

Mike June is an Austin based singer-songwriter.  This is a pretty heavy, but very good song from his album Poor Man's Bible.  

"Poppy" by Leapfrogtown

Another great track from the London based band off their album Dreaming in Public. 

"The Octopus Tree (intro)" by Saint Cole

Saint Cole is from Leeds.   He is a producer/singer/DJ/Performer.  This is from a released called Within This Skin which we have been featuring for a few months.  According to his Facebook page, he has set a goal of releasing three albums this year. So, check out his page to see and hear what he is up to.  

"NY Girls" by SuperCrashingStar

SuperCrashingStar jump back into the shuffle.  I really dig their unique and original sound.  

"Pull the Trigger" by Strange Majik

"Pull the Trigger" is the final song on Raised on Rock 'N' Roll, the stunning new album by Strange Majik.  You may have read our review of the album here or on No Depression. If not, you should, but more importantly, you need to get this album.  On my list of favorites so far in 2016.

"This Town Was Build on Heartbreak" by Jesse and Noah

This is a track from a forthcoming album by Jesse and Noah Bellamy.  No video, but I am posting the audio below.  For the video playlist, I picked the duo doing a Merle Haggard song because I got to see them a few weeks back playing a Merle Haggard tribute at The Basement East.

"Old North State" by American Aquarium

Going to close things out with a track from Wolves - the most recent album by American Aquarium.  I was fortunate enough to see them a few times last year.  Front man BJ Barham is currently on a solo tour.   This is a song about the band's home state.  Enjoy.  


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