Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - I Can't Tell You Mix

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Well, after all the build up, tonight is the night of the E2TG 5 Year Anniversary Extravaganza!  The 5 Spot is going to be hopping all night with RB Morris hitting the stage at 6pm for week 3 of his residency with guests Matt Urmy and Will Kimbrough and with Luella joining RB for some background vocals.  Our show will follow with The Foresters kicking off the night, followed by Julie Christensen, Sergio Webb, and Chris Tench of Stone Cupid, Patrick Kinsley and A Fistful of Dollars, BARK, and Adrian+Meredith taking us home!  As always, Nashville has tons of musical options tonight, but I hope you will consider our show and come out for as much of it as you can (preferably all of it because it will all be awesome).

On to the shuffle!

"Wasted Saturdays" by Flavored Cardboard

One of bands in the Dord Music Group finally.  I have really been digging their album, Fingers Crossed, a ton.  The album features a They Might Be Giants cover, and this song definitely has a feel of a great lost TMBG song.  I believe that one of the members of Flavored Cardboard is part of The Foresters and will be performing tonight!

"B" by Balance

Next up some bold, industrial, experimental music from Rome.  The album is called 3 (the band's third release I think), and this track is called "B".

"Saving Grace" by Jason P. Krug

More goodness from The Zen of Losing - one of my favorite albums of the year.

"Buttons" by The Weeks

Another track from that early album by The Weeks that was put out by Noisetrade.  This song was later included on their album Comeback Cadillac. 

"Hats" by Forecast Tomorrow

Another track from the album, Hats, Gloves, and Grandfather Clocks. This would take care of the Hats part of the title... more to come including Gloves and Grandfather Clocks.  Really liking this band. 

"Take Life As It Comes" by Don Morris

Yet another track from that Oklahoma Room CD. Man there is some cool music coming out of Oklahoma these days!

"God's Last Name is Zilla" by The Danbury Lie

One of my favorite song titles ever, and a great song from The Danbury Lie.  Who after being featured for two days in a row is gaining on The End Men and Darrin Bradbury as the most tagged artist in E2TG history. 

"A Certain Girl" by Ernie K-Doe

We close things out with a classic track from the great Ernie K-Doe.  Enjoy!

See you at The 5 Spot!


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