Friday, June 24, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Burdens Mix

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Here we go...

There are obviously many great music venues in Nashville, but consistently, my absolute favorite hang in The 5 Spot.  Last night is a pretty good example of why I feel that way.

It was Week #4 of the June Don Gallardo residency at The 5 Spot.  Jon Byrd played with his full band and it was amazing as expected.  Don Gallardo brought his full-band and I swear he seems to get better every time I see him (degrees of awesome - I would say).

The late show at The 5 Spot kicked off with new Nashville resident Sammy Brue (if you have not heard his songs - do so right away), followed by Joshua Black Wilkins - consistently one of my favorite singer-songwriters, Ron Gallo (who I will come back to), and the last act I saw before exhaustion got the better of me, John and Rob from Deer Tick (and Diamond Rugs). A pretty extraordinary night.

So, I had not heard of Ron Gallo which is  band and the bandleader. They are recent (I think) transplants from Philadelphia.  I (along with the rest of crowd at The 5 Spot) was blown away. The band is a trio (amazing how many of my favorite bands throughout the years are trios).  If you are among the people who think that Rock 'n' Roll is dead, I urge you to check out this band and have your faith restored.  I do not count myself among that particular crowd, but the energetic, loud raucous performance sure did affirm my faith.

Quick note:  There is a ton of things going on this weekend.  I feel like if I begin to name some, I will leave out something unintentionally, however, there are a few things I want to highlight.  Of course, Tim Carroll returns to his weekly home at the aforementioned 5 Spot for his Rock 'n' Roll Happy Hour,  Charleyville is a non-profit agency that provides free or discounted music lessons, instruments etc. There is a three day benefit at the American Legion Post 82 in East Nashville that began last night and continues through Saturday.  Details/Event Page HERE.  Adeem the Artist is playing tomorrow afternoon at Two Old Hippies in the Gulch (right after Double Shot with Joe and Sue).  A couple of years ago, I saw a singer-songwriter named Kyle Adem at a New Faces night at The Basement.  I enjoyed his set.  Adeem the Artist's lastest album is called Kyle Adem is Dead - which reflects the fact that sometimes there is much behind a change of name.  I mentioned Daphne Willis at Nashville Pride. If you are making it out to the festival - make sure you check out her set and all of the great music.  I previously mentioned Mark Robinson at the brand new Radio Cafe.  And a ton more Saturday night. Get out and see some music.

Friday - it is time for Featured Friday....

"Die Traurige Grammel" by Balu and die Surfgrammeln

We finish up our survey of  Los Chicharrones Del Surf.  Austrian surf music!

"Storie for Heroes" by SuperCrashingStar

Another sweet track from our New York City friends SuperCrashingStar. 

"Burden of the Cross" by Dale Watson

A touching and emotional song from Dale Watson's Call me Insane. 

"This is Why We Drink" by Danielle French

My first listen: Danielle French is based out of Calgary, Alberta Canada. The album is called Danielle French Presents Miss Scarlett and the Madmen - Dark Love Songs.  There are a lot of interesting things about this album - most importantly, so far I am really loving the music.  The CD I received was hand-scented with rose oil. It is gorgeously packaged.  Plus, the e-mail inquiry I received brought in the names (in an appropriate context): Pat McDonald of Timbuk 3 (who wrote one song and hosted a songwriting intensive - Holiday Music Motel that Danielle French attended and out of this came, Victor DeLorenzo (ex Violent Femmes) (who plays drums on the album), and Julie Christensen - from whom Danielle took vocal lessons.  As I said, the music lives up to all the background that caught my eye and nose.  More words to come. 

"Tomahawk of Truth (Skull Full of Lies)" by Smokey the Firebear

A really excellent track from Ohm Atlanta.  Maybe one of my favorites from that album. 

"Sunday Morning Blues" by Ivas John

Another listen to Ivas John's album Good Days A Comin'.  Very good stuff. 

"Gold Gift from Paris" by The Jackals

Our final track to feature from People by the Scottish band, The Jackals. 

"What She's Got to Give" by Megan Palmer

This is the title track from one of my most highly anticipated 2016 releases.  Megan Palmer - known for her excellent work backing other musicians, but lest we forget, she is an amazing singer-songwriter on her own. The Nashville CD Release show is next Wednesday at The Basement East with Darrin Bradbury and Allen Thompson. 

"Leaving in my Blood" by Amelia White

Another excellent track from Amelia White's Home Sweet Hotel album.  She was at The 5 Spot last night, and seeing her and Mark Robinson there reminded me that they both have residencies coming up in September. I have seen the guests for both residencies and my advise is to make your plans now to make The 5 Spot your mid-week early evening hang in September. Amelia and Mark are both amazing on their own, and the combined guests read like a whose who of area and national talent.
"We Fell Apart" by Well Worn Soles

Way behind on getting this added to my playlists. Well Worn Soles is young duo from Florida who play timeless music. The album is called Country/folk and it came out last year.  Highly recommended. 


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