Friday, June 3, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Java Time Mix

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Feeling very grateful and filled up with life right now.  The feeling probably won't last, but I'm digging it.

After work yesterday, I had the incredible opportunity to spend some time with Reckless Johnny Wales and get a early listen to his forthcoming album. First of all, the album is fantastic and I can't wait until the world gets to hear it.  Second of all, Reckless Johnny is a larger than life figure and also a very wonderful man.  He has some amazing stories and a very unique perspective on the "New Nashville".  I even got to give him a copy of The Foresters' CD.

Next, I headed to a run-through in preparation for my very first music video appearance which is scheduled to be shot on Sunday.  Details to come.

Next, I headed to The Family Wash to catch some of Bill Lloyd's CD Release show.  I was able to catch the end of the acoustic set and the beginning of the electric set.  It was as awesome as you would expect a Bill Lloyd show to be.  He is a power pop songwriter of the highest caliber.

Whew!  This weekend is the aforementioned video shoot, and Sue and I will have our 15 Minutes of Fame as we preview Double Shot with Joe and Sue at WXNA.  That will air at 2pm Sunday but really stay dialed in to WXNA all weekend (starting at 10:15a.m. Saturday) and then forever after that!

It is Friday, and we play "featured" music on Friday.  Enjoy!

"Cigarettes and Coffee Breath" by Batkhi Dahn

We kick things off in true morning style with Cigarettes and Coffee Breath. A nine plus minute track from Oil Change.  Batkhi Dahn are awesome, and I dig this track a bunch!  No video for this track - so watch the Buzzkill video again and listen to this track here:

"Black Coffee" by Delta Deep

More coffee!  Just what I needed on this sleepy Friday morning.  This is another track from the debut album by Delta Deep. As I have mentioned, the band features Def Leppard  guitarist Phil Collen, Stone Temple Pilot's bassist Robert DeLeo, percussionist Forrest Robinson, and powerhouse blues vocalist Debbi Blackwell. 

"Sanctified" by The Veldt

I have been really digging the music from UK by way of North Carolina band, and their new album The Shocking Fuzz of Your Electric Fur: The Drake Equation.  The Veldt were first formed a couple of decades ago and have recently reformed and released some amazing new music.  Described as soul, indie, trance, ambient, folk etc. It is to put it simply great music. 

"Ode To Jupiter (Part 6)" by Smokey the Firebear

Smokey the Firebear returns to the shuffle with track from Ohm Atlanta.  Gorgeous instrumental, experimental music from Connecticut. 

"Hola Guapa" by Dan Stuart with Twin Tones

I have been a fan of Dan Stuart's music for over thirty years.  Green on Red, Danny and Dusty...   Stuart has been living in Mexico for several years, and his latest album, Marlowe's Revenge was recorded with the Mexican band Twin Tones and was released earlier this year. This happens to be the opening track.  I can report that I am still a fan, and this album is one of the best I have heard this year.  Check it out. The album was mixed by the legendary producer JD Foster. 

"Mentre Tu Cadi" by Le Folli Arie

And we close out the shuffle and our week with another track from our Italian friends, Le Folli Arie and their self-title album.  

Have a good weekend everyone and don't forget to tune into WXNA this weekend. 101.5FM in Nashville, streaming at, and also streaming via the Tunein app.  Radio!!!!!


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