Friday, June 17, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Waiting For the Fall Mix

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Well, we've made it to the end of another work week.  Sending good Father's Day wishes to all of the fathers and father figures. With special thoughts to those experiencing loss and/or pain when it comes to their fathers.

Week 3 of the Don Gallardo Residency at The 5 Spot.  Seriously folks, he has two more weeks. You do not want to miss seeing him.  The Cordovas opened the night, and they absolutely destroyed! They traded instruments, they harmonized... the music recalled a bunch of different bands (The Dead, The Band, The Everly Brothers and more) but it was all their own, too.

Don Gallardo and How Far West sounded amazing.  His forthcoming album, Hickory, will be a must hear. Pre-Sale begins July 8. The album drops July 22.

After that, I ended up at The Station Inn to witness the album release for Irene Kelley's latest bluegrass album, These Hills.  Heard some amazing music and met some really cool folks.  In a bit of a Nashville moment, Kelley's producer/guitar player was playing the guitar that was raffled off during Music City Roots on Wednesday night.  Glad to see and hear that the winner was someone who knew what to do with it.

ICYMI - I posted my review of Taylor Alexander's new EP, Real Good At Saying Goodbye.  You can read it HERE.

Also, just a reminder, the next Double Shot with Joe and Sue show will be broadcast tomorrow morning beginning at 11a.m. (Central Time) (for 2hrs).  The theme is "We've Got You Covered" (cover songs). This show was prerecorded.  We will be back live next Saturday June 25 when the theme will be "Our Favorite Years".  We can be heard at 101.5 FM (in Nashville) and streaming at WXNAfm.ORG .

On to the shuffle.... Featured Friday edition

"Dog on a Leash" by FADES

FADES are an indie rock band from London. They released their self-titled EP back in March.  This rocking number was a great way to begin the morning commute. 

"Haunting" by Angela Burns

Next up, another awesome track from singer-songwriter, Angela Burns from her mixtape So That You Can Feel Better which was released earlier this year.  This track lives up to it's title. 

"Shock Me" by Lecia Louise

Lecia Lousie is an Australian singer-songwriter. This was my first listen to her music, and I have to say that I am impressed. She brings together several diverse styles of music in an original and enjoyable way. 

"Waiting for the Fall" by Jeremy Nash

After travelling the world and the country, return closer to home with one of my favorite tracks from Getaway Driver by Nashville by way of New York singer/songwriter Jeremy Nash. 

"Young and Old Blues" by Bob Margolin

Having lived a half a century, I can concur with the thesis of this song - age is relative to where you are along the journey.  Younger people, don't forget - older people were once younger.  Older people, remember - you were once young, too. Steady Rollin' Bob Margolin says that all better than I did - and with some awesome traditional blues music behind his words. 

"God Part III" by Tommy Womack

And we close with yet another track from Namaste.  I was actually talking about this song just last week.  In his usual amazing talk/sung style, Tommy Womack delves into the story of Jesus and the way that story has been rewritten to suit a particular ideology.  "I believe in Beatles, I believe in love." is a refrain that echoes... 


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