Monday, June 6, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Every Elvis Book Mix

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Welcome to the working week.  This weekend, Nashville celebrated the birth of a brand new community radio station as WXNA-LP went on the air at 101.5FM with a live stream going out via the web at and via the Tunein App.  All weekend long, the station previewed many of the great original programming, and as of this morning, the shows have begun to air.  If you haven't done so, check out the station.  It is awesome!  A huge shout out to the amazing folks who built the station from scratch. Salute!

The show I am co-hosting with Sue Havlish (Double Shot with Joe and Sue) had our preview yesterday, and it was a blast.  We take to the airwaves for our first regular show on Saturday June 11 at 11a,m. in the Central Time Zone. Our first theme will be A Tale of Two Nashvilles (Altman and ABC).

Last night, I took in the Guy Clark tribute at The Basement (original version), and it was a blast.  Reckless Johnny Wales, Carl Anderson, Darrin Bradbury plus hosts Todd Henkin and Charlie Treat and so many more did a great job.

It's Monday and that means we spin songs from the Music City Monday playlist... let's see what came up today.

"Broken Whiskey Glass" by Jason and the Scorchers

We kick things off with a classic by one of the best bands this town has ever seen.  Jason and the Scorchers confounded and annoyed the country music establishment who perhaps thought they were poking fun at their venerable institutions, but what they are about has always been bringing high energy rock and roll to the traditional country music sound.  To my mind, JATS were never "cowpunk" (a term I never like anyway)  and in fact when I saw them play Cat's Records on West End in 1985, Jason blatantly said, "We are not a punk band" when kids started moshing in front of the stage. They were and remain to this day, one of the most kick ass live rock and roll bands in the world. 

"Gloryland" by Kevin Gordon

We move on to the title track from Kevin Gordon's fantastic 2012 album Gloryland. Gordon is definitely one of Nashville's under-appreciated treasures combining poetic lyrics with kick ass roots rock music. He'll tear at your heart and then get you moving your feet. 

"Numb One" by Crazy Aces

We move on to a outstanding instrumental rock band from Nashville.  I always love when one of their songs comes up in the shuffle.  

"Royal Blue" by Lilly Hiatt

Next up, the title track from the most recent album by talented East Nashville songwriter, Lilly Hiatt.  

"Banjo Banjo" by Bela Fleck and Abigail Washburn

I grabbed this track from the Rounder Records 45th Anniversary Sampler which was released on Noisetrade.  The appropriately titled, "Banjo Banjo" features to incredible virtuoso's exhibiting their amazing abilities. 

"Made in America" by Aaron Lee Tasjan

From In the Blazes, we move on with another excellent song from Aaron Lee Tasjan. One of my favorites. 

"Let Him Roll" by Guy Clark

Fresh on the heels of last night's Guy Clark tribute, we have the man himself (whom we lost last month) with the very last song on his 1975 debut album, Old No. 1.  Hands down, one of the best songwriters who ever lived. 

"Dogs Bark" by Amelia White

And we are going to close things out with an instant classic track from Amelia White's Home Sweet Hotel album.  The very fun video was shot by Stacie Huckeba and features a wonderfully familiar cast of East Nashville characters which includes my Double Shot co-star Sue Havlish.   "Dogs Bark, People Talk..."


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