Monday, June 13, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - No Mercy Mix

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More senselessness.  More tragedy. More violence. More loss. Followed by more rhetoric. More words. More opportunities to answer darkness with light. More opportunities to unify.

These are my words which seem inadequate:  It needs to be about love.  Not worrying about who someone loves, but just about love.  There are many seemingly controversial issues wrapped up in everyone of these mass shootings, and these latest one more so than others.

My love to the LBGTQ community. My love to the millions of peaceful Muslim-Americans. Love to those filled with such hate. Love to those who live in fear. Love to those who are in pain.  Gun control, radicalized religions, terror, hate, intolerance...

My heart is hurting, but I cannot allow myself to give in to despair. There is beauty all around us. We move forward in love.  And as I have had to say far too many times since I began writing E2TG - MUSIC HEALS.    Love to all of you. Let's take care of one another today.

Moving on... A big thanks to everyone who tuned in Saturday for the official debut of Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  If you missed it (or even if you caught it), we will be on every Saturday from 11-1pm Central Time on WXNA-LP Nashville (101.5 FM,, or via the TuneIn app).  Our next show's theme will be "We've Got You Covered" - where we will be spinning cover tunes (or in some cases the original tune that was later covered).

Onward to Music City Monday!

"Everything's Closing Down" by Bill Lloyd

Our final track to feature from Bill Lloyd's classic Feeling the Elephant album.  Lloyd recently released a new album called Lloydering.  I got to hear him perform some of the songs from that album, and as expected, they were all brilliant power pop gems. 

"Here Comes the Flood" by Charlie Hager

We have another from Charlie Hager's fabulous American Saga which is on the East Nashville label Flour Sack Cape which is killing it these days with some awesome releases and videos. 

"Pantomine" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

Speaking of killing it!  I was happy to see Brian Wright added to the line-up for this falls American Music Associate Festival. Hopefully this will help introduce his amazing music to many more music lovers.  This is from an album called Dog Ears featuring Brian and his old band the Waco Tragedies. 

"One in a Million" by Ben Lowry

Another great track from Ben Lowry (of Bang Ok Bang) from his solo album, Somnium.  Some really fantastic music you may not have heard.  Hear it!

"Bangers" by Crazy Aces

Another track from Greatest Hits Volume 2. Instrumental rock music at its best. 

"End of the Line" by Tommy Womack

We move forward with another great track from Tommy Womack's outstanding forthcoming album Namaste. Tommy Womack has a show on WXNA-LP - joining some of this cities finest (like David Olney, Fats Kaplin and Kristi Rose, Bill Lloyd, Richie Owens, and more!)  When it comes to songwriting, he is one of the best and one of the most unique voices around. 

"No Mercy" by Stone Cupid

Another track from Stone Cupid's album The Cardinal.  Note that Julie Christensen co-wrote this song with David Olney and John Hadley who wrote Postcard from Mexico which Sue and I played on our radio show Saturday).  I am just going to leave the lyrics here.


© 2014 David Olney, 
Julie Christensen, John Hadley

That's just the way of the world
You're a swine, or you are a pearl
You're a king, or you're a fool
That's the law. Just the rules.
Do you have any questions?

Look, there is no in-between
What is real and what is a dream
Nothing's sacred, Nothing's profane
You're no different, you're just the same
You can keep your suggestions.

Oh____There is No Mercy
Oh____There is No Mercy

When did words become weapons of coice
In their sinister whispering voice
In their smiling, sweet disguise
Just some lies among all the lies
To fit any occasion

Oh____There is No Mercy
Oh____There is No Mercy

They tied my hands behind my back
Stood me up against the wall
They accused me of a crime
And demanded confession

Oh____There is No Mercy
Oh____There is No Mercy
Oh____There is No Mercy

That's just the way of the world.

"The Roadkill Song" by Darrin Bradbury

And we end this shuffle with one of Darrin Bradbury's most popular songs. The video included in our video playlist is Darrin's performance of the Vietti Chili song on Music City Roots which gives me the opportunity to tell you that Darrin will be back on Music City Roots as a featured performer this Wednesday night from The Factory in Franklin. Unfortunately, the bus no longer runs, so I will be driving down after work on Wednesday.  If you in and around the area, come join me.


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