Thursday, June 2, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - Early in the Morning Mix

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Last night, Sue and I recorded what will be our fourth Double Shot with Joe and Sue show with the capable help of Mr. Mark Robinson. I managed to the only commit one FCC violation (no I didn't fucking swear!) which can thankfully be edited out.   Remember we go LIVE on June 11 at 11a.m. (Central Time)... without a net! Tune in to 101.5 FM or via the web or via the Tunein app on your favorite phone or tablet device type thing.

Don't forget, the station goes live this weekend and they will be previewing all of the awesome shows. Our preview will be from 2 to 2:15 Sunday afternoon (all times Central).

Read about WXNA-LP in this weeks Nashville Scene.   This a very awesome day for Nashville, and I am beyond humbled and thrilled to be playing even a small part.

Can you believe it is Thursday?  This the day, we throw it back.

"Early in the Morning" by Harry Nilsson

From the classic 1971 album, Nilsson Schmilsson; this song is actually a remake of a Louis Jordan song from 1947.  A really great song, and a great kick off to my morning commute. 

"Charlie's Got a Harley" by Sax Kari

A little while back, I read this fascinating book called The Chitlin' Circuit and the Road to Rock 'n' Roll by Preston Lauterbach, and Lauterbach's interviews with Kari formed the backbone of the narrative of that book.  Sax Kari had a long, storied career in music as an artist, producer, promoter, A and R man, etc.  He made music up until the 1990s. This song comes from a 1997 album called Love Juice which was credited to one of Sax Kari's many pseudonyms, "Candy Yams".  A great listen to one of the forefathers of rock and roll music. 

"Handicapped" by Phranc

Important advise some 30+ years later. The term handicapped has generally been replaced with the term disabled. Regardless, the advise still stands and basically is a corollary to the more generic, "Don't be a dick." 

"Stand Up" by The Shakers

Driving through downtown Nashville (2016), and listening to music from Nashville circa 1990... another cool track from Songs from Beneath the Lake. 

"I Know I'm Losing You" by Rod Stewart

Originally by The Temptations.  Rod Stewart and The Faces recorded this song which became a top 40 hit. It is included on Every Picture Tells a Story which I think is one of the best albums of all time. Having first been exposed to Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?/Hot Legs era Rod Stewart, I am grateful for the people who encouraged to me explore his earlier music. 

"I Was the One" by Hoodoo Gurus

From the 1987 album, Blow Your Cool! by Australian rock band, Hoodoo Gurus. 

"The Stand" by The Alarm

Okay, it is time to admit it, I became an Alarm fan in the first place because I was absolutely mad about Stephen King, and I thought (and kind of still do think) that The Stand was one of his best books (I would add the Dark Tower series and a few others) but in 1983ish, I thought The Stand was the best.  So, when I saw this visually arresting video of this spikey-haired guys singing this song, I was hooked.  I think the early Alarm records stand up pretty well, and I know that they still have a devoted fan base and that Mike Peters continues to carry the torch.  

"Lovers of Today" by The Pretenders

A deep cut from one of the best album of all time - the self-titled debut by US/British band, The Pretenders. 


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