Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Just Glad to Be Working Mix

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The weather is heating up in Nashville - temperatures are predicted to be hovering near 100 this weekend. I have no point to this, I just realized I rarely give weather updates on E2TG.

It really bothers me when people say there is no good music these days, because I am struggling to keep up with all of the great music which shows up in my inbox on pretty much a daily basis. If you aren't hearing great new music, it is because you aren't trying hard enough.

Here is a sampling of some great (fairly) recent music which you should give a listen....  We call Tuesdays, Trending Tuesday because Trending starts with a 'T' and is a word that the internet seems to like...

"Tarantula" by Brian Wright

Brian Wright is a songwriter based out of Nashville who rocks. He has been on the road for a while with Aaron Lee Tasjan.  Any time you have to chance to see Brian Wright (in any capacity, make an effort to get there).  This is a track from his self-produced Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 1 which was released right at the tail end of 2015. Good stuff, that is available for you to name your price at bandcamp. Name a good one. 

"It's Not Happening" by The Danbury Lie

Long time E2TG favorite The Danbury Lie released his latest, Without Mirrors, back in April.  I continue to be amazed at the quality and quantity of music put out by this one man band.  Originally part of the Connecticut contingency of E2TG, The Danbury Lie is currently residing in Washington state.  

"Shoot Man" by Luella

A favorite of mine from one of Nashville's finest vocalist.  Luella was formerly part of Luella and the Sun, but she is now recording and performing as Luella.  Backed by Tim Carroll on guitar and often by Cameron Carrus on bass and Toby Caldwell or Justin Amaral or others on drums.  Shoot man!

"April Showers" by Dingzui

Analogue is the current album by Nashville alternative band, Dingzui.  I became aware of this band through a chance encounter at a David Olney show, and I am glad I did.  Really awesome, highly original music.  Dig those April Showers. 

"Electrified" by Strange Majik

I hope you've had a chance to give a listen to Raised on Rock 'n' Roll - the electrifying album by Strange Majik - who has been an E2TG favorite for over four years.  If not, give a listen to this track and then jump in with both feet.  Rock and Roll is alive and well, thank you very much. 

"This is Love" by Jonas H. Sjovaag's Navyelectre

It seems like we have been featuring songs from the Large Ensemble album for a long time, and it looks like we just have a couple more to go.  "This is Love" is one of my favorites on the album.  A swinging track.  From Oslo, Norway... Jonas H. Sjovaag is wonderful contemporary composer. 

"Seven" by Leapfrogtown

UK band Leapfrogtown have been one of my favorite "discoveries" of recent months. The name of the album is Dreaming in Public.  Really catchy indie pop music.  

"Cotton Fields" by Mike June

And we close out the day with another track from Poor Man's Bible by this singer-songwriter who is hitting the road with Jess Klein later this month.  One thing I do (after I give a listen and decide if I like music I am sent) is to check out Facebook to see who that I know is aware of/likes the artist/band in question.  When I check out Mike June's Facebook page, I see nothing to people whose musical opinions I respect.  Add your name to that list, and earn my instant respect.  ;-)


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