Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Water into Moonshine Mix

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And I am back...  I think I caught a bit of summer cold that kind of knocked me out yesterday, but I am feeling mostly better today.

Let's see:  Friday night, I took in another fun Tim Carroll Rock 'n' Roll Happy Hour at The 5 Spot.

Saturday:  The day began with a live broadcast of Double Shot with Joe and Sue (and our topic was "Our Favorite Years" - namely 1968 for Sue and 1985 for Joe), then I headed to Two Old Hippies where I saw Adeem the Artist perform a really entertaining set of mostly original music (plus a nice mash-up of Margaritaville and Feliz Navidad.  Later, I finally got to the brand new Radio Cafe which has not yet officially opened.  The weather was hot Saturday but Mark Robinson and his band were even hotter.  A really cool singer-songwriter named Greg Rich (who learned guitar from Mark Robinson back in Indiana) opened the night. As someone remarked, you could have put together a hell of a band just from the people in attendance.  I ended my Saturday at an awesome after-NAMM party hosted by Richie Owens and his family.

This week is filled with "Nashville Dilemma" moments which makes this summer cold particularly annoying.  Tonight at the Family Wash, it is Pint and Pie night and Short Sets with Tim McNary and Brooklyn band Leland Sundries on the bill.

Here is a trending Tuesday shuffle...

"Shut Up and Kiss Me" by Tim Lee 3

First up, Knoxville by way of Jackson, MS band Tim Lee 3 from their most recent album 33 1/3.  Shut up and kiss me, indeed!

"Lovers Interred" by Ask for Joy

Next, another fine song from the New Private Window album by this Austin Texas based band.  Atomospheric, shoegazey goodness. I like it. 

"Popcorn Sutton" by Richie Owens and the Farm Bureau

Speaking of Richie Owens, this song about the legendary moonshiner is our last song to feature from the Tennessee album.  Richie and the Farm Bureau have a new album out called Dia De Los Azule.  They are consistently one of the best live bands around. 

"Bailout Pt. 2" by Grumsling

Word on the street is that San Francisco based Grumsling are hard at work on a new record. This song comes from the Full Coverage EP and shows off why I love this band so much. 

"Green is Not Your Enemy" by Smokey the Firebear

Another cool track from Smokey the Firebear. I downloaded this on an EP called Mirror Waves, but you can find it now on an album called Mira Leo Sun.  This is a short and sweet instrumental. 

"The Boy King" by Jason P. Krug

Staying in the state of Connecticut for a bit. This is another track from The Zen of Losing album - which you simply must buy and which I simply must review - like yesterday!  As someone who has suffered loss, this album is painfully truthful and essential. 

"Heaven Only Wants Us Once We're Dead" by Joey Kneiser

The live version of this track appeared in the shuffle recently.  This is the studio version from Joey Kneiser's latest album The Wilding.  This album is one of the best of this current year. 

"They Raised a Man on the Sun" by The Foresters

And for our third stop in Connecticut this go around, we have E2TG favorites, The Foresters with a track from their most recent album Sun Songs. They are the follow-up in production, and I cannot wait to hear the next evolution from this group of talented young people. 

"if this city" by The All-About

As a sucker for good pop music, I cannot get enough of Be Safe Goodbye - the latest from New York based - The All-About.  The melodies and words just flow so well... 


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