Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Left Hand Mix

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Had a blast last night at The Family Wash for Cole Slivka's Short Sets.  Tim McNary was awesome with Sean Quinn backing him.  Really dug, Cole Slivka who had the ever talented Dave Coleman on guitar (bonus - news of a new album from The Coalmen), and Brooklyn band Leland Sundries did not disappoint.

It is just a fact that on any given night - pretty much every given night, there is a ton of great live music going on all over Nashville.  It is a great problem to have, but it can be problematic. The Nashville Dilemma - I call it. For listeners/fans/supporters, it means making difficult decisions about which worthwhile/awesome shows to miss  (both because a conflicting show or because sometimes you just need to stay in).  For artists, it means that you are indirectly  competing for an audience with your friends - even if you don't see music as a competition.

All that to say, there is a shit-ton of awesome music going on in Nashville tonight. Get out and see something!  (by the way, shit-ton is a technical music-blogger term).

Speaking of a shit-ton... we have 12 (tracks) in the shuffle today (and I do not use the term song for good reason)...  It is Wild Wednesday - let's get WILD!

"Train Wreck" by Well Worn Soles

We start things off with an excellent song from the CD Country/folk by this Florida based duo with Nashville connections. 
"The Big Ocean" by Joey Kneiser

Yes, we have been on a Joey Kneiser kick lately.  It is a good kick to be on... This song is on The All Night Bedroom Revival... great stuff. 

"Polka Party" by Batkhi Dahn

The concept behind "Wild Wednesday" is that anything can happen next.  Case in point, this track from the classic 2015 album, Plays 15, by The Foresters spin-off band, Batkhi Dahn.  (Replaying the most joyful and fun video of "Yip" which can also be found on this albun. 

"Darby Crash and Burn Guitars" by Eamon McGrath

I know next to nothing about Eamon McGrath - except for the information I could find on Facebook and his website.  I came across this song - which is on an album called Borrowed Amps while randomly searching Darby Crash (the late lead singer of The Germs).  I fell in love with this song, and dammit I may have found another artist I love.  Eamon McGrath is from Alberta, Canada. 

"My Shadow and Me" by Danielle French

Also from Alberta... we have another excellent song from Miss Scarlett and The Madmen Dark Love Songs. Really loving the vocals and the music. 

"Street Fighting Man" by The Rolling Stones

The 1968 classic from Beggar's Banquet.  You may have heard this on last Saturday's Double Shot with Joe and Sue - including my co-host Sue Havlish's story of seeing the Stones dedicate this song to the city of Chicago - in reference to the 1968 Democratic Convention (and the surrounding protests). 

"Out of Love Intro" by John Prine

Some people don't like song introductions to come up in a random shuffle.. I happen to think it is charmingly disarming.  So, this track is John Prine introducing the song, "Out of Love" which was inspired by the beer selection at a Nashville convenience store. 

"To My Younger Self" by Joey Kneiser

One of the most emotionally powerful songs on Joey Kneiser's latest album, The Wilding.  Raw, honest, and heart-breaking.

"This Little Light of Mine" by Clint Morgan

For the astute, yes, I have posted "This Little Light of Mine" by Clint Morgan previously.  The song appears as both the intro and outro to Clint Morgan's Scofflaw album.  

"Eyes Eyes" by Lowell Levinger - Banana from The Youngbloods

The eyes are the windows to the soul they say - this song was written by Michael Hurley and included on this awesome album by Lowell Levinger - who played at The 5 Spot in May during R.B. Morris' residency. 

"Song for the Seven Seas Sailors" by Smokey the Firebear

By the way, previous song references Smokey the Bear - and is followed by this noise-scape by Smokey the Firebear - from BNGFKR. 

"Borax Factory" by Neighborhood Texture Jam

And we close the shuffle with our last track to feature from the brash, (at times) offensive, and totally awesome Funeral Mountain by Memphis band, Neighborhood Texture Jam.  


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