Friday, July 15, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Hipster Girl in the Old City Mix

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There are two parts of everyone of us.... well maybe more than two...

At this point, I can't see beyond this moment... one more time, one more time... it really makes no difference where or why.  There is an ugliness - I guess it has always been there... That ugliness does not discriminate. It really doesn't! Even though it may seem like it does.  The personifications of that ugliness - they discriminate - it is what they do... but the ugliness deep inside does not.  What I mean is that we all have some of the ugliness inside of us - the hate, the fear, the selfishness, the judgments.

Here's the thing... there is much beauty in the world... not just in special places or certain people. It is everywhere.  We all have the beauty inside of us - the love, the courage, the selflessness, the compassion.

The choice we have each day, each moment is to decide which of those we want to show to the world and more importantly which we want to manifest in the world.  Speaking for myself, I make those choices many, many different times every single day. Sometimes, I make what I think is the right choice and I show the world the beauty and I try to manifest that beauty.  Way too often, I fall short and little bits (or more) of the ugliness comes out.

So, today I am thankful when I allow the beauty to be what the world experiences.  But, I also have to thankful when I reminded that the ugliness is there, too.  Because, I  think that forgetting that I have that ugliness inside of me is far more dangerous than those moments when I show the world that ugliness.

Be good to one another -  I will try.

Anyway, I like sharing beautiful music of all kind.

Quick recap, I had a nice evening at The Country.  I was great to see Russell Thompson play for the first time in several months and to be reminded the beauty of his wonderful songs.   It was also great to experience Maynard and the Musties for the first time.  Really loved their sound and their songs.

Now, it is Friday and we shuffle songs from the Featured Friday playlist on Fridays.  Enjoy!

"Living Without You" by Michaela Anne

East Nashville (by way of many other places) singer-songwriter released her excellent album Bright Lights and the Fame earlier this year.  Happy to see that she has been getting some well-deserved attention.   Check her out. 

"Falling Asleep"  by Mind the Journey

This is a very brief soundscape that introduces the album Color in the Gray Machine. Mind the Journey is the solo project of a Boston based artist named Spencer Sabo. 

"Take My Love" by Danielle French

Another excellent track from Miss Scarlett and the Madmen: Dark Love Songs.  I was talking about this album with Julie Christensen from whom Danielle French took vocal lessons. 

"Fading Fast" by Brian Keenan

We next have another track from the album Fits and Starts by Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Brian Keenan.  I really like this album a lot. 

"Foreign Life II" by Pony Girl

Part II of the title track from the latest album by Canadian band Pony Girl. By the way, the entire Foreign Life album is streaming in the midst of the video playlist below.  So, check it out. I think you might like their music as much as I do. 

"Good Evening" by Adeem the Artist

So, as I mentioned before, I became a fan of singer-songwriter Kyle Adem a few years ago at a New Faces night at The Basement.  Kyle Adem is Dead is the name of the new album by Adeem the Artist.  I am just blown away about how good this album is.  This is the opening track of the album, and starting from the perspective of a singer on a stage addressing his audience - the song manages to speak many, many truths about life in just under four minutes. 

"These Days" by Charles Hager

You may recall that I premiered the video of this song a little while back.  The album is called American Saga. It may flown under your radar (even if I have written about it more than once) amidst a sea of higher profile (and even worthy) releases this year, but I hope you will check out this album and give it a chance. Meanwhile, enjoy the video which features Charlie Bob's and a bunch of wacky East Nashville folks. 

"Arrested" by Adeem the Artist

And we have a second track from Kyle Adem is Dead.  I absolutely love this song.  There are some incredible lines in this moving and beautiful song. 

"I've Never Been Here Before" by Jason P. Krug

Okay... I know! I know! I really have to write my review of The Zen of Losing by Jason P. Krug.  It was one of my favorite albums of 2016.  Anyway, here is another song from that album. 'Certain records you make with an clear goal in mind, an audience , a genre. A kite to sail the wild winds of the market. Others you make to keep from losing your mind. This is of that second variety.' JpK   Thanks Jason for making this album that I needed very much to hear. That review is coming. 


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