Friday, July 1, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Six Pack and a Bottle of Gin Mix

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Well, the weather has moderated somewhat in Nashville, and it was a very nice night to hang out on the patio at Drifter's in East Nashville and hear Tim Carroll and Luella play some cool tunes.  Tim, Luella, and the band (Toby Caldwell and Cameron Carrus) will be at The 5 Spot tonight for Tim's weekly Rock 'n' Roll Happy Hour show (no cover (mind the tip jar) and cheap drinks). It is always one of my picks of the week, and this week in particular they will have the incredible Reeves Gabrels sitting in on guitar.  Reeves played with David Bowie for several years, and he is currently the guitarist for The Cure who have been touring the US. I have seen him play with Tim and band before and he is awesome.  Unfortunately, I cannot make it, but I do highly recommend it if you are able.

Before I went to Drifter's I caught some of the last week of Don Gallardo's month-long residency at The 5 Spot. His guest was Carey Ott, who was amazing.  Don Gallardo and How Far West are simply one of my favorite bands around.   Don Gallardo will be having his CD Release show in July at The Family Wash.  More details will follow.

I should also mention that the radio show I co-host with Sue Havlish (Double Shot with Joe and Sue) will be on the air tomorrow morning at 11 (central time). Our theme this week, is "One Hit Wonders" and includes some folks that I bet you do not think about as one hit wonders (and some you may).

On Monday which is July 4, The East Nashvillian will be hosting Independence Day - a benefit for WXNA-LP (where Double Shot airs).  The benefit will be held at The Family Wash in East Nashville and will run from Noon - 11:00pm.  There is a $5 suggested donation, and music will be provided by various WXNA DJs - while others of us will be hanging out.  Come spend the or an hour or so with us.  Sue and I will be there at least from 12-2 (and I will likely be there most of the day).  More info at the Facebook Event Page (HERE)

For the first time in over a week, I made time to add some new tunes to the playlists and a couple of those new tunes came up today.  It is Featured Friday - for this first day of July.

"Maps of the West" by Leland Sundries

I heard Leland Sundries perform this song on Tuesday night at The Family Wash.  It is our first listen to the new album called Music for Outcasts. I dig this song a bunch - check it out in the video playlist below. 

"I Shiver I Shake" by Ask for Joy

For good stuff from the album New Private Window by this band from Austin. One of my favorites that came to me via e-mail. 

"Sea of Lights" by Boo Ray

Next up is Nashville singer-songwriter Boo Ray. Somehow, I just met Boo Ray a couple of months ago - I am pretty sure Don Gallardo introduced us.  Since then, I have gotten to see Boo Ray play a couple of times, and I really dig his music. This song is a brand new single that he just released and will be on his new album which is due out later this year.  Check out the song in the video playlist below.  

"Orange Beach Blues" by D.L. Duncan

Near as I can tell, D.L. Duncan is back in Nashville.  This is another track from his awesome self-titled album which features a pretty impressive list of guest players (Sonny Landreth, Delbert McClinton, and The McCrary Sisters among others). It is Blues/Americana music at its best. 

"All My Gods" by Omodada feat. Tik Tu

Omodada is a neo-psychedelic artist from the Ukraine.  Tik Tu are an indie/trip hop/launge/folk trio also from the Ukraine.  This atmospheric and hypnotic song was a perfect soundtrack as I made my way across the map of the State of Tennessee at Bicentennial Mall on my way in to the office.  I also have a remix of this song in my playlist - so expect to hear more about this. 

"Sons of Sons" by Zachariah Red

Nice to hear another excellent song from Zachariah Red's Backbone EP in the shuffle. I could not find this song in video form, so it was a good excuse to include a live version of a Chris Knight song by Zach and his band that was recorded earlier this week.  One of my favorite songwriters and people. 

"Everything is Temporary" by The Foresters

And we close out the day, with another fine song from Connecticut band, The Foresters off of their Sun Songs album. They are finishing up a new album and perform regularly around their hometown.  I am so happy that some of my Nashville friends got to see them live here in Nashville back in May at the E2TG Anniversary show. 


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