Monday, July 18, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Bad Decisions Mix

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I attended the J.R. Wyatt CD Release show last night.  J.R. sounded amazing. I have been a fan of his since I saw him perform a solo set at Logue's Black Raven (RIP).  He writes amazing songs, has a great voice, and last night he was backed by an awesome band (who all played on his new album, Staying Gold which is out now).  Expect to hear more about this album very soon....

E2TG Artist of the Year  Jon Latham went on right before J.R. playing his first full-band show one year after completing the mastering on his album Real Bad News.  He has had an incredible year. Having seen him perform many times and having been impressed many time, I feel like last night was Jon's star turn (or something like that).  Yes, his band was extraordinary - filled with great musicians and songwriters and friends (Aaron Lee Tasjan, Eli Rhodes, Sean Quinn, and Raun Shultz). and they were every bit as good as one could have expected. Still, it was Jon Latham's stage and he owned it completely.  It is truly heartening and inspirational to see the growth of his confidence and stage presence in the almost two years since I was first introduced to his music. Yeah, I'm one of those, "I knew him before..." people, and I say that with pride and joy!

Time for a Music City Monday shuffle:

"The One Left Behind" by Kyle Cox

First up a Nashville-based singer-songwriter with a song from a compilation that was released earlier this year on Noisetrade.  This was my first listen to Kyle Cox, and I liked it.  

"Silver Lining" by Carl Anderson

A year-plus later, and I am still blown away by how good and albumCarl Anderson's Risk of Loss is.  If you have not heard it, I highly recommend you correct that right now.  "Silver Lining" is a flat out great song.

"Souvenirs" by John Prine

Speaking of great songs... how about John Prine doing a Steve Goodman song.  Okay? Okay!

"Ain't We Free" by Austin Lucas (feat. John Moreland)

Austin Lucas lived in Nashville for a time, and even though he has found much health and happiness since leaving here, he is still much loved in Music City.  Here, he is joined by the red hot, John Moreland on a song from Lucas' current album Between the Moon and the Midwest.  The album is high on my list of best of 2016.  I got to see both of these guys play the backyard at Fond Object last year on a hot day during Americana Fest. 

"White Paper Lie" by Well Worn Soles

Next up, another cool song from the Country/folk album. 

"So Low Down" by Luella

Another from Luella.  She will be playing Music City Roots in just over a week.  Love this song!

"Night and Day" by Joe Nolan

Nashville's own Renaissance man (writer, musician, poet, cultural commentator, and all around great guy)!  This has been hanging around my playlist for a time.  One of many great songs.  

"I Can Do Without Nashville" by Homer and Jethro

You may have heard this song a week or so ago on Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  A perfect addition to the Music City Monday shuffle.  Amazing (and sad) that some of the things described is this song are still happening some 50 years later. Love this song, though!

"Whiskey Smells Like Bad Decisions" by Renee Wahl

Renee Wahl is one of my favorite people and favorite songwriters. She has a new EP coming soon with her band, The Sworn Secrets.  I love this song!   I could not find a video for this song, so enjoy an older song from WDVX  Blue Plate Special - backed by a truly killer band!


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  1. Renee opened (I think) with a nice solo version of that one at The Country last Wednesday