Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Music Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Sidewalk Used to End Mix

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Tonight, some of Nashville's best will gather at The 5 Spot in benefit for Megan Palmer.  It is part of the Rod Picott Residency and the event will be live streamed on Concert Window.

Almost simultaneously, some of the best songwriters around will be playing an amazing round at The Country.  Renee Wahl, Joe Nolan, Julie Christensen, and David Olney.  

Oh to have wings and a time machine... or at least a clone.

Okay... here's the deal... due to different circumstances, I have missed the last two Music City Monday posts, so I decided to call an audible and so, for the next two days, I will be spinning tunes from the Music City Monday playlist.  I tried to think of  clever name for this anomaly, but alas...

"Ring My Bell" by Luella

First up, we have Luella's cover of the disco hit originally recorded by Anita Baker in 1979.  Luella, as she does, makes it all her own.  I could not find a video version of this song, so I substituted a recent 5 Spot performance of another song.  Luella will be playing Music City Roots later this month, and in Nashville you can catch her  Thursdays at Drifters, Friday's with Tim Carroll at The 5 Spot, and usually other places around town. 

"Sweet Peppermind Wind" by Fendrick and Peck

Next up, one of my favorite songs from former Nashville residents, Fendrick and Peck. From their album, Lucky Penny.  A beautiful song that references Shel Silverstein in the most perfect way. 

"Worried" by Well Worn Soles

And this may well be my favorite song on Country/folk.  Man, I'm worried that maybe I related to this song too much... or that I don't related to it enough... 

"The Ballad of Plastic Sara" by Brian Wright and the Waco Tragedies

Another great song from the incredible mind of Brian Wright. This one comes from an album called Dog Ears with Brian's old band, The Waco Tragedies.  

"Skipping Stones" by The Weeks

I could not find a video for this ten year old song by The Weeks which is too bad, because I really like it. It is on an album of early recordings called Lost Days which you can get via Noisetrade

"He Put It In the Soul of Everyone" by Joey Kneiser

Another truly amazing song from Joey Kneiser.  This one comes from The All-Night Bedroom Revival which was released in September of 2015.  Playing all of these Joey Kneiser songs recently as reinforced the idea in my mind that he is one of the best songwriters working today. 

"Who's Gonna Miss Me?" by Loretta Lynn

And we close out the mid-week Music City shuffle with the Queen of Country music from her latest album - the wonderful Full Circle.  The album was recorded at the Case Cabin in Hendersonville and features an amazing cast of musicians. 


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