Thursday, July 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - The Horses are on the Track Mix

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Well, Nashville has had more than its share of rain the past few days.  I got a pretty good soaking walking back to my car yesterday.

Another incredible residency show started last night at The 5 Spot. Rod Picott began his month-long series with Jon Byrd opening.  Both singer-songwriters were backed by an incredible band: Sergio Webb, Tim Blankenship, and Duane Blevins.  A really amazing show for $5 that could get you home before 9:00pm.  I would love to see Nashville/East Nashville showing a lot more support for these early shows.

Anyway, I didn't make it home before 9:00pm, because I hung around for the late show which was the monthly Songs Not Silence benefit for Thistle Farms (which is an incredible organization), and which featured a lot of awesome music.  I was happy to get to see Nellie Clay perform before she heads out on a series of out-of-town gigs.  Also good to get to see Megan Palmer play before she takes some time off to take care of some medical issues.  By the way, today is Megan's birthday! So, Happy Birthday Megan!

Well, this short work week has been kind of weird, but it is Thursday and so we push forward with some throwback tunes and noise and stuff...

"The Main Thing" by Roxy Music

We open in fine form with a song from Avalon - one of my all-time favorite albums. 

"Lady Godiva's Operation" by The Velvet Underground

Next up, a song from White Light/White Heat - the second album by The Velvet Underground.  The first part of the song is sung by John Cale and describes Lady Godiva.  The second part of the song features alternating vocals by Cale and Lou Reed.  Sterling Morrison plays bass on this track. It's some pretty trippy stuff.. but pretty mainstream compared to...

"Noise" by The Velvet Underground

So, "Noise" was included on a release Called The East Village Other - Electric Newspaper.  The version I have is a little over one minute of conversation and yes, noise. The conversation seems to be about the engagemengt of Lynda Bird Johnson????   daughter of President Lyndon B. Johnson. 

"We Will Fall" by The Stooges

Next up is a ten minute song that closes out Side A of the self-titled debut studio album by The Stooges. 

"The Bottom Line" by Big Audio Dynamite

Big Audio Dynamite was the band formed by Mick Jones following the break-up of The Clash.  This anthemic song is from the band's 1985 debut album, This is Big Audio Dynamite. 

"Lulu Walls" by John Prine

More John Prine live from 1986. This is Prine's cover of a Carter Family song. The studio recording kicks off  Prine's 1986 album German Afternoons. 

"Tied to the Tracks" by Soul Asylum

And we close out today's shuffle with a song from Made to Be Broken by Soul Asylum.    


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