Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Fist City Mix

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Shout out to my twin daughters who turn 21 years old today.  ♥♥♥♥

It is Tuesday or as we say here at E2TG - Trending Tuesday.

I have a little extra time so I thought I would explain each day's "theme"...

Music City Monday - songs with some connection to Nashville.  Artists who live in or have lived in Nashville, albums recorded in Nashville, maybe songs about Nashville, plus artists that I mistakenly thought lived in or had lived in Nashville.  Plus songs added to the playlist in error.

Trending Tuesday - kind of an esoteric playlist... mostly new (or fairly recent music)... includes music sent to me plus (fairly) recent and notable releases plus songs connected to some notable (fairly) recent events.

Wild Wednesday - all of the above (and below) plus songs that don't really fit on any other playlist.

Throwback Thursday - songs of a certain vintage. Usually at least ten years old, plus occasionally and accidentally a recent song by a long running artist that I mistakenly think is an old song.

Featured Friday - mostly music which was sent to me.  Since I don't do many album reviews - this is my way of making sure I write something about most of the music that I receive and love.   Newer music from artists who I consider long-running "friends of E2TG", ends up on this list.

"Daemon" by Drew Worthley

From the album Crucible. Drew Worthley is a musician currently based in London.  The music is intelligent indie-pop with some folk music influences. Recommended. 

"I Remembered You" by Clint Morgan

Another nice track from Scofflaw - an album that includes some big name Nashville musicians like Jim Hoke and Jonathan Yudkin.

"Railway Trespassers" by Adam Stafford

I really like this track from Adam Stafford who is a singer-songwriter and filmmaker from Central Scotland who also owns his own label. His latest album is called Taser Revelations.  

"Fist City" by Loretta Lynn

In case you weren't aware, Loretta Lynn is a certified bad ass. From her latest album Full Circle, this is a remake of the title track of Lynn's 1968 album. 

"Here's My Picture" by Golden State Lone Star Blues Revue

More great blues music from the self-titled album of this all-star band from the great states of Texas and California.   

"501/ego death" by Valued Customer

I am so excited that hugecup - the long awaited new album from one of my favorite bands is out in the universe.  Valued Customer are from Toronto. The music is hip/hop, it is spiritual, it is truthful, it pretty freaking amazing.  


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