Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Thin Ice Mix

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Ugh...  a summer cold got to me yesterday, but I am back at it today...

For the record, this is not a "gym" and there are no pokey's or man's or whatever here... we just have some cool tunes.  No app needed... just enjoy.

"Wallace, Id" by Leland Sundries

Brooklyn's Leland Sundries are pissing in the fire pit - from their latest album, Music for Outcasts.... 

"Living on Thin Ice" by Chase Walker Band

Unfortunately, this song which was released as a single last year is still relevant. From the album, Not Quite Legal.  Could not find this song in video, but seek it out, it is important. Check out the video playlist for the National Anthem/Voodoo Child/Purple Haze. 

"The Dogs" by Fernando, Peter Buck

This a really lovely track from this band from Portland, Oregon and featuring the legendary Peter Buck.  The album is called Leave the Radio On. On the band's website, I see that they shot a live video in Norway for my friend Rune's blog Dust of Daylight. 

"Madhouse Promenade" by Have Gun, Will Travel

Have Gun, Will Travel are an awesome band from Florida.  Check them out. 

"Prove It On Me" by Ashleigh Flynn

Next up, another track Portland artist - Ashleigh Flynn with another track from A Million Stars. She is amazing.

"The Sum of Chains" by Bashful Hips

Moving on with one more from After I Died, I've Never Felt So Alive.  Bashful Hips has a big show tomorrow night at The High Watt opening for Yoni and Geti.  Check him out if you can. 
"Heroes That Binge" by The Danbury Lie

How about we head into the homestretch of today's shuffle with some awesomeness from The Danbury Lie who come to us from Washington State by way of Connecticut. Without Mirrors is the name of the album.  The Danbury Lie remained entrenched among the top 3 most tagged artists in E2TG history. 

"Pirates" by Zaibatsu

And we close things out with a track that seems musically connected to The Danbury Lie (to my ears).  Zaibatsu are an Italian band who describe themselves as pregressive rock.  Their album is called Zero. 


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