Friday, August 26, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Let Your Freebird Fly Mix

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Hey, it is Friday, ya'll!

Last night, I attended a house show with performances by Kent Eugene Gooslsby and Micah Schnable (Two Cow Garage).

I really love Kent Goolsby's songs and hearing him sing with his wife Anna Leigh was wonderful.

If you have seen Two Cow Garage live, you know how awesome they are, but if you have not seen Micah Schnable solo... He writes brutally honest songs about the human condition, and although he and I look very different on the outside, his writing and performing are so direct and personal, that I cannot help but "get" every word his sings.

A really fun night.

Well, we have a Featured Friday shuffle that I listened to as I slugged my way into the office for this final day of a brutal work week... Here in Nashville, we got this little hint of a tease of autumn weather, and to be honest, I fell for it - even though logic and historical evidence should have told me that it is still August... well, summer is back and with it the heat and humidity.  Sweating is inevitable.

"Train" by Luella

A train song from Luella!  Luella used to perform this with her old band Luella and the Sun.  Nowadays, she is backed by Tim Carroll on guitar and usually Cameron Carrus and Toby Caldwell or Justin Amaral on drums.  You can catch her tonight with Carroll and his Rock and Roll Happy Hour at The 5 Spot. Rumor has it, Reeves Gabrels (Bowie, The Cure) will be joining in.  I won't be able to make it this week, but if you go, you can request this song and tell Luella you heard it on Ear to the Ground.

"Making Sense" by All Those Ships

Our second listen to Meteorology for Runners by All Those Ships from New Hampshire.  So far, I am really digging this album which is set for release soon.  The video I found for this song is a Tiny Desk Contest submission and features Brandon of All Those Ships playing underneath a desk. That reminded me of the Seinfeld where George set up a bed under his desk for naps. Speaking of which, I could use a nap right now. 

"365" by Ugggy (feat/prod. Timmy NoHeart)

This is the first track from Legends of the SmoKe by Ugggy of Valued Customer. Honestly, I cannot in any stretch of the imagination be considered an expert of hip hop music, but I have to say, that if this isn't considered top flight hip hop music than I guess I don't like hip hop music.  Ugggy spits out some wicked rhymes here and throughout the mixtape.  Honestly, I feel a little cooler walking around downtown Nashville with this coming through my earbuds. 

"Echoes of a Whole" by McNary

I ran into Tim McNary earlier this week, and I understand he is heading out on tour.  If he comes near to your location, run don't walk to see him... unless you are beside a pool, in which case you should walk really fast but carefully.  From Above the Trees.  McNary has an amazing and unique voice, and his songs are equally amazing and unique. 

"Darling Let Your Freebird Fly" by Tommy Womack

This song would have fit the "Namedroppers" show of Double Shot with Joe and Sue.  One of my favorite tracks on Namaste.  If you have not listened to Tommy Womack's latest album, you need to get that situation resolved ASAP.   Among the name's dropped is David Olney. 

"It Must Be Roses" by Danielle French

Next, another track from Miss Scarlett and The Madmen - Dark Love Songs.  This song reminds me that the CD came scented with rose oil.  Danielle French is a singer and a filmmaker.  She studied voice with Julie Christensen here in Nashville. 

"Guitar Talk" by Luella

Another from Luella! Let your fingers do the walking, let your guitar do the talking... 

"Bleecker Street" by Richard Barone  (Feat. The Kennedys)

I am so stoked about Sorrows and Promises, the new album by Richard Barone (Bongos) which is a tribute to the Greenwich Village folk scene of the 1960s.  If you pre-ordered, you can download the full album now.  If you have not yet pre-ordered, you can still do so- and get the download right away. This is the last song on the album, a cover of a Paul Simon song first performed by Simon and Garfunkel. Barone is joined here by The Kennedys.  Listen for a couple of Richard Barone mentions on Double Shot tomorrow, and maybe some Paul Simon, too. 

"The Meaning of My Love" by Darryl Purpose

We close out the work week with another track from Still the Birds.  A great ending to a week of great shuffles. 


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