Friday, August 12, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - New Age of Aviation Mix

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Well - the work week is finally over!  It is Tomato Art Fest time in East Nashville - if you are able head over there for music and art and tomatoes.

It's been a hard week in many ways... but the shuffles have been good, I posted an album review and a successful video premiere.  I saw some awesome live music (not as much as I would have liked) and got some things done that needed to be done.

For our Featured Friday, we have some old friends, some new music, and more...

"Campfire Light" by The Gypsy West

The Gypsy West have been E2TG faves for some time. They relocated to Boston and were quiet for a time, but they are back with an album called Modern Atlas - which finds the band exploring some new sonic landscapes. 

"Next Lifetime" by The Vondrukes

The Vondrukes are a rocking band from St. Louis whose members include Bob Mckee who E2TG readers may know from The Poorhouse Says.  The Vondrukes are set to release their new album on August 27, and I was happy to get a chance to hear it ahead of that release.  Some great rocking alt-country/ what have you.  

"Jimmy the Aviation Sponsorship Boy" by The Foresters

In honor of The Foresters (and friends) appearance at Athens PopFest (along side their heroes from Apples in Stereo/Elephant 6), we have a single that was released earlier this year.  I understand it will not be on their forthcoming album, but it really shows off the interesting lyrical abilities of this still very young band.  Remember back in May, they were part of the E2TG Anniversary Extravaganza. 

"Ring It Out" by Jason P. Krug

And now a fortuitous opportunity to remind you to check out my review of The Zen of Losing by Jason P. Krug. The Foresters and Krug are both representing the The Nutmeg State well... 

"Take Your Hands Off My Land" by 2 Ton Bridge

And we have yet another track from the forthcoming 2 Ton Bridge album.  Looking forward to seeing Alexander Wright and whatever friends he has with him - during Americana Fest in a little over a month. 

"Green Machine" by Iced Ink

Iced Ink are a New York band. They are part of the Mama Coco's Funky Kitchen family.  They play instru-mental rock music. This song is from an album called Willie Nelson Prince. The album cover features a hybrid of Willie Nelson and Prince (the album was released months before the death of the music icon.  Their music sounds nothing like Willie Nelson or Prince, but it is good stuff nonetheless. 

"Listening to Leon" by Strange Majik

And, we close out the day and the week with another super cool song from the album Raised on Rock 'N' Roll.  This album just makes me feel so good


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