Friday, August 19, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Wish That I Could Hate You Mix

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My oft repeated phrase is "Music Heals".  I say it because I believe it to be true.  Last night, still feeling sad about the death of my first best friend, I headed down to The Family Wash. There, surrounded by friends, I took one of those once-in-a-lifetime nights of music that seem to happen around  this town on a frequent basis.

Nathan Bell - a singer-songwriter who I first saw earlier this year at The Bluebird Cafe played first.  His songs are soooo good. He was joined by Annie Mosher on several songs and then by legendary Nashville songwriter Don Henry on one song.

After that, the always mind-blowing Sergio Webb made a rare appearance as a front man and an even rarer appearance leading a full-band.  The Cremonatones - a one-off super-group featured Julie Christensen, Dave Coleman, Parker Hawkins, and Fran Breen.  The set opened with a rocking cover of Lou Reed's "New Sensation" - a song I had heard Webb do solo at Bobby's Idle Hour - and continued through a set of songs including several written with John Hadley and David Olney.  It was one of those magical nights of insanely good music and an audience of some of the best musicians in the world.  It was just what I needed.

A ton a great music upcoming.  I wanted to highlight Richie Owens and The Farm Bureau making a rare appearance at my favorite venue - The 5 Spot on Saturday at 6:00pm.

We have a Featured Friday Shuffle...

"Nothing" by The British IBM

It seems like it has been a while, but we have another track from Psychopaths Dream in Black and White by this super catchy indie-pop band from Cambridge UK. 

"Sun Goes Down" by Phil Rudd

Next up, our second listen from the forthcoming (and much delayed) solo album by long-time AC/DC Drummer Phil Rudd. The album is called Head Job.  This is as rocking a number as one might expect.  

"Exploring Around the World for Ice Cream" by Batkhi Dahn (feat. Shady Sam)

Next up, we have a nearly 13 minute epic journey from The Foresters' spin-off and Dord Music Group band - Batkhi Dahn from their latest album Oil Change.  There is way too much going on in this song for me to describe - so I will just embed it below since there is not a video for the song.  Enjoy another Batkhi Dahn track in the video playlist below the list.  It also provides a good opportunity to fill you in on some exciting news from the Dord Music Group.  I will let them tell you:

LOST MARBLES: Dord Music Group is excited to announce the upcoming release of "Warm Milk and Chocolate", a collection of unreleased early recordings by Marbles, the solo recording project of Apples in stereo leader and Elephant 6 co-founder Robert Schneider (and friends). These colorful four-track and boombox recordings from 1983-1990 document a productive era before Schneider turned 20, ranging from synth-pop to prog rock to folk songs, with healthy doses of the psych-pop production style that has come to be associated with Apples in stereo and the Elephant 6 Collective. What is more, this lost tape was advertised in the original Summer 1993 Elephant 6 catalog, but was never actually manufactured by the young collective... Be the first to feel the noize! 

"Dangerous Angel" by Amelia White

Another awesome track from Home Sweet Hotel keeps the shuffle moving.  Amelia White was soaking in rays in Florida or else I am sure I would have seen her last night at the Wash. 

"Where The Bees Come to Die" by The Boy From the Crowd

Next - an instrumental and the title track from the debut EP by London based alt-rock/blues band The Boy From the Crowd.  

"Payday Boogie" by Ivas John

A lot of us have done the dance described in this song.  Ivas John is based out of Missouri and originally from Illinois.  His latest album is called Good Days a Comin'. I have really been digging the album, and I really really like this song. 

"Scared of Being Alone" by Josh Morris

And we close out today's shuffle with our final listen to Josh Morris' EP Green Fields. This is probably my favorite song on the album.  If you recall, Morris used to be 1/2 of the E2TG Featured Artist/Band And the Giraffe. More recently, he is known for being the producer of Jon Latham's breakout debut album, Real Bad News.  Morris has more recently been working on Latham's follow up as well as several other projects.  Among those projects is a follow-up to Green Fields - which I am really excited about. 


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