Monday, August 29, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Wait Here Mix

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ICYMI:  Please see my preview of the upcoming September Residencies at The 5 Spot!

I am short on time so I will jump right into it.  Mondays we take a moment to celebrate the amazing and diverse musical output of the city known for music. No "bro-country" here folks...

"Bruised Ribs" by Joey Kneiser

From the All-Night Bedroom Revival. From Joey Kneiser of the Band Glossary whose name keeps popping up everywhere. Check out his music on Bandcamp

"Saint on a Chain" by Stone Cupid

Our last song to feature from The Cardinal is the one written by the incredible Kevin Gordon.  Expect to see Julie Christensen show up during Amelia White's residency next month!

"Heart Broken" by John Paul Daniel

Another track from All is Well by this visual and musical artist from Kingston Springs just outside of Nashville. 

"Brazen Hearts" by Tom Schreck

We go from broken hearts to "Brazen Hearts". This is from the Save Your Glory (which I have subtitled the "Turkey album" - because it has a turkey on the cover not because it is... I hate when I write myself into a corner that I am grammatically unable to write myself out of... and see I ended with a preposition... This comment is a train wreck.) The song is awesome though, and Tom Schreck is one of my favorite songwriters period.

"Lee Harvey Oswald" by Brian Wright

Next up, another track from The Sneakups, and a good time to tell you about the Cafe Rooster Records- an artist owned and operated co-op record company based in Nashville. Brian Wright, Ladies Gun Club, and the forthcoming Darrin Bradbury album are all on this label.  Check them out and get on their mail list now. This is a cool thing!  

"Wait Here For the Cops" by David Olney

If you listened to Double Shot with Joe and Sue on Saturday... what am I saying, of course you listened! :-)   You probably heard an early version of this song by David Olney and the X-Rays. This version is from the 1992 album Border Crossing.  David Olney will be closing out his August Residency on Wednesday night at 6:00pm at The 5 Spot.  You can catch him this month and next month in Comedy of Errors at Shakespeare in the Park - presented by the Nashville Shakespeare Festival. 

"The Heist" by McNary

Next up, another fantastic song from Above the Trees.  If you have not heard Tim McNary, my recommendation of the day, is to do that ASAP. 

"Bright Light of Day" by Anne McCue

Anne McCue divides time between East Nashville and her native Australia where she has a list of accomplishments which it would take me much longer than I have time for to enumerate. In my mind (and I know I not alone) she is as East Nashville as it gets in the best possible ways.  In addition to her being an amazing songwriter, she is a really badass guitar player which was made crystal clear when I saw her not to long ago at The Family Wash.  This song goes back to her 2006 album Koala Motel. 


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