Thursday, August 11, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - I Can't Tell You Mix (Pt. 2)

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In case you missed it, please read my review of Jason P. Krug's album, The Zen of Losing.  More importantly, please check out the album.

Week 2 of David Olney's residency at The 5 Spot was outstanding.  Nothing too fancy, just flat out great music...

Today, we throw it back - and get a little "wild" even if it is not Wednesday.   Strap yourself in and let's see where the shuffle takes us...

"Cocaine Blues" (live) by Johnny Cash

We start with Johnny Cash from At Folsom Prison with his version of a western swing song written by T.J. "Red" Arnall.  You may have heard this on the Double Shot show for Our Favorite Years. 

"Gran Prairie" by Happy Fats and the Rayne-Bo Ramblers

You may have also heard this song on Double Shot - this time on our Freaky Friday on a Saturday show.  Happy Fats and The Rayne-Bo Ramblers were a cajun band from my mother's hometown of Rayne, Louisiana.  As I mentioned on the show, Happy Fats often played at a club in Rayne and that mother told me that she remembered hearing music coming from the club when she was going to sleep.  There is a good chance Happy Fats and The Rayne-Bo Ramblers were one of the bands she heard. 

"Crush Your Skull" by Elvis Hitler

It seems highly unlikely that my Mom heard Elvis Hitler when she was a little girl.  Heck, it seems highly unlikely that anyone in their right mind would program Elvis Hitler right after Happy Fats... but I have two answers to that... 1. I never said I was in my right mind and 2. I didn't do it, the shuffle it (although to be fair, I did add both these songs to my playlist...)  Elvis Hitler were a psychobilly/hellbilly band from Detroit, Michigan.  This is on their 1988 album Disgraceland - as was their most "famous" song, "Green Haze" which features the lyrics to the theme song of Green Acres - set to the music of "Purple Haze".   If you like me, needed to hear that song... 

"A Certain Girl" by The Yardbirds

You will note the "Pt. 2" at the end of this post's subtitle... this is the first time I have knowingly reused the same subtitle.  The first came from the original version of this song, which was written by Allen Toussaint, which was recorded by Ernie K-Doe. The Ernie K-Doe version was featured on the Double Shot "Covers" show. This is from the second Yardbirds album, For Your Love, and features Eric Clapton on lead guitar. 

"No More Hollow Doors" by Crash Course in Science

Next up - It is Philadelphia post-punk band Crash Course in Science who do not sound remotely like anything else in today's playlist.

"Other Side" + "Second Chance" by The Reivers

A two-fer from Austin band, The Reivers (previous Zeitgeist) who recorded on the DB Records label.  You can hear a shout out to DB founder Danny Beard at the beginning of one of these songs. 

"Altar Girl" by The Weeks

A early recording of Altar Girls from Nashville band The Weeks.  From a recently uncovered compilations of songs recorded when the band members were teenagers. 

"Let's Take A Walk" by The Tourists

I was taking a walk when this song came on... The Tourists were the band that featured Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart before they formed Eurythmics. 

"Yesterday's Gone" by The Carter Family

We started with Johnny Cash and almost end with a song by his wife's family.  The Carter Family played traditional country music beginning in the 1920s. They were a highly influential group of musicians whose impacted touches just about every genre of American roots music.   

"Don't Let It Get You Down" by Fine Young Cannibals

Just as I was arriving at the office, I had time to hear another track from the Fine Young Cannibals album, The Raw and The Cooked. 


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