Thursday, August 4, 2016

Throwback Thursday Morning Shuffle - It Matters Mix

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So, I told you.  Didn't I? David Olney is simply the best.  The first week of his residency at The 5 Spot is in the books.  Backed by a solid band (Justin Amaral, Daniel Seymour, and Ward Stout) - Olney played some of my favorite songs of his - "Wait Here For the Cops", "When the Deal Goes Down", and "Slim Slammy". He also threw in some songs from a couple of albums he has in the works. In addition, he did his cover of The Bee Gees, "New York Mining Disater 1941", and then surprised and delighted all with a cover of John Prine's "Speed of the Sound of Loneliness" which was transformative.  If you missed it, he will be back next Wednesday.  Then in two weeks, you have one chance to catch Scott Miller before Olney returns for the last two Wednesdays of August.

Tonight is the Andrew Leahey and the Homestead celebrate the release of their record on Thirty Tigers with guest Darrin Bradbury and Bill Eberle.  Doors at 8:30 - Darrin takes the stage at 9:00pm.

It is time to throw things back on a Thursday... Dig in...

"Considering a Move to Memphis" by Colorblind James Experience

I came across this song accidentally.  Colorblind James Experience were from  New York State, but later moved to San Francisco.  This song is from the band's 1987 self-titled debut album, and I can't believe it is just coming to my attention now. I need to dig in some more. This song is awesome. 
"Just Like Honey" by The Jesus and Mary Chain

Another song from a debut album (PsychoCandy was released in 1985).  You may have heard this song on the Double Shot show "My Favorite Year". I love this song...

"It Matters" by fIREHOSE

As I may have indicated before, I am an unbashed fIREHOSE supporter. And this is our third debut album track in a row, too. From Ragin' Full On! It Matters!

"Heavy Rotation" by Soul Asylum

Breaking the pattern slightly.  This is a track from Soul Asylum's 1988 album, Hang Time - which I love. Although it was not their debut, it was their major label debut.  Also, I once saw fIREHOSE open for Soul Asylum  (with Nashville band Clockhammer opening the night).  Connections everywhere people. 

"Halloween" by Dream Syndicate

It's August which means Halloween is right around the corner...  Anyway, this is from the full-length debut (see what I did there?) by Dream Syndicate called Days of Wine and Roses which was produced by Chris D. of Flesheaters and Divine Horsemen.  This also provides a good excuse to mention (for our Atlanta area readers and those who have time to drive to the Atlanta area) that Dream Syndicate front man Steve Wynn is doing a solo show at Eddie's Attic, and E2TG friends BARK are opening for him. Wish I could be there!

"Pop Beloved" by The Reivers

Okay, I could not find a way to spin this as a debut album - so I guess that run as ended. It was their "debut" album as a returning band to indie label DB Records (which is based in Atlanta and thus connects to the previous song). Anyway, The Reivers are an Austin based band that began as Zeitgeist but were forced to change their name (selecting the title of a Faulkner novel). It is from their 1991 album Pop Matters which was their last album up until they returned over twenty years later (2013) with Second Story. 

"I Like the Sunrise" by Frank Sinatra

And we close things out with a track from the Frank Sinatra album, Francis A. and Edward K. (1968) which was his debut working with Duke Ellington.  By the way, I got both this album and The Reivers' album at thrift stores.  The Sinatra album I found a while ago along with couple of others by him (unsealed) at the Goodwill in Berry Hill. 


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