Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Ain't Got Time To Spare Mix

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It is almost September, and I am starting to get anxiety about all of the great music at Americana Fest that I will have to miss (because I am just one man without the ability to manipulate time and distances).  Truth is, though, I am still have a lot of weekly anxiety over the same issue.  Truth is, though, it is a pretty rad problem to have.  Truth is, though, I have other things I could (and maybe should) be worrying about, but this problem is more pleasant to deal with.

Let's see what the old shuffle has brewing for this Tuesday morning....

"Name in Lights" by The Grisly Hand

The Grisly Hand are a rock and roll band from Kansas City, MO. Their album Flesh and Gold came out just over a year ago.  I really love this band's sound.  I'm happy that the shuffle brought this band and album back to the front of my mind. A great start to the morning.

"Deal and Hand" by J.R. Wyatt

Another album with Gold in the title... From Staying Gold which came out earlier in the summer. This was my favorite song on Wyatt's Empty Room Sessions EP, and it is my favorite on this album.  I remember thinking, when I first heard this song, that is sounded like it was a cover of a classic song that I had never heard.  On a side note, J.R. Wyatt's band includes the founder of the elusive East Nashville band Buck 'N' Stuff - Adam "Ditch" Kurtz. 

"Million Little Lies" by Brian Wright

Another day, another great Brian Wright track.  Did I mention how you need to know about Cafe Rooster Records? Yes? No? Well, you do. If you are going to Americana Fest, check your schedule and find out when and where Brian Wright is playing and make a point to get there. You will not regret your decision. I could not find a video of this song, so I posted one of my favorite Brian Wright songs, "Maria Sugarcane".

"Modern Atlas" by The Gypsy West

Next up, the title track from the latest album by long-time E2TG favorites The Gypsy West. "What do you know that I don't know?" - Co-produced by Chris Peck who engineered and mixed Christopher Paul Stelling's awesome Labor Against Waste album.  Peck has been an E2TG favorite for about as long as The Gypsy West - first with his band The Disappointment, and then with his solo work Peck Sounds. 

"Old Fences" by The Gypsy West

Back to back tracks by The Gyspy West.  This track is a soundscape that actually leads into the previous one on in the shuffle.  

"I Don't Care" by Tim Carroll

Next up, a track from Tim Carroll's newest album, It's All Politics.  This is one of my favorites in the latest batch of awesome songs from Carroll.  Despite the title, Tim Carroll does care... no, he really doesn't... yes, he does... well, I'm not sure... listen and find out. 

"Let it Grow" by The Gypsy West

What's that? A third song from Modern Atlas? Well, okay! A short instrumental track - which serves as a nice segue in the middle of the shuffle. 

"Cherish Sincerity" by Gabrielle Louise

Another great track from If the Static Clears, the forthcoming album from Colorado folk/Americana/roots artist Gabrielle Louise.  This is really magical music.  You can pre-order and get some goodies by supporting her Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for distribution and promotion. 

"Last Goodbye" by Danielle French

And we close with the opening track from Danielle French's album Miss Scarlett and Madmen: Dark Love Songs. A lovely song to close out this Tuesday shuffle.  


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