Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - Quiet Songs Mix

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It's a day early, but tomorrow night, David Olney kicks off his 4 of 5 Wednesday night residency for August at The 5 Spot.  (By the way the 5th week features Scott Miller).  Olney's shows are always incredibly good, and his residency shows tend to be filled with epic moments of poetry, song and surprises.  Late night tomorrow, is another edition of Joanna Barbera's Songs Not Silence showcases benefiting Thistle Farms.  This time around Barbera herself will perform!  Great time, great cause. Also at The 5 Spot.

Tonight: Tommy Womack (who we featured yesterday) will be playing The Family Wash as part of the weekly Short Sets series.  It is also Pint and Pie night. So yeah!

Here we are at Tuesday when we take a look at what the Shuffle says is trending...

"D.O.A.S. Part I"  by Ugggy (prod. PineappleGland)

Start things off with another track from the Legends of the SmoKe mixtape by Ugggy of Valued Customer.  Unlike who know who, Ugggy really does have all the best words and he lays them down in all the best ways.  Seriously, I dig this, and the new V.C. album - highly recommend that you check out both.  Toronto!

"Real Renegade" by Jean Synodinos

Love and Blood is the name of the album. Austin Texas based Jean Synodinos is one of those creative spirits who exude the power of art (music is art) to heal and comfort.  

"My Hand's Know the Touch" by Clark Paterson

“If your parents like your music, you’re doing something wrong.”––Clark Paterson. East Nashville's Clark Paterson's latest album (his third) is called, The Final Tradition.  The album features East Nashville heavy weights like Tim Carroll and Paul Niehaus, but the stars here are the words and music of Clark Paterson. 

"Loaded Gun" by Brian Wright

We start out with our final track from Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 1 by another East Nashville artist Brian Wright.  My, my, my his songs are soooo good.  

"Quiet Songs" by Adeem the Artist

"Nobody listens to the Quiet Songs"... another from Kyle Adem is Dead.  Seriously, this is one of my favorite albums of the year!

"Keep Your Train Movin'" by Ivas John

Another excellent song from Good Days A Comin - an all acoustic folk/country blues album by Missouri by way of Illinois guitarist/singer/songwriter Ivas John. 

"I Know a Good Thing" by D.L. Duncan

The blues flavor keeps on coming with another from the self-titled album by Nashville artist D.L. Duncan. The album features the great Delbert McClinton and Sonny Landreth. 

"Goldmine" by Brian Wright

And since we finished up Cafe Rooster Sessions Vol. 1, we might as well jump right into The Sneakups - the recently released surprise album from Brian Wright.  I've said to before but I will say it one more time, if you get the chance to see Brian Wright live in any capacity do it.  I have seen him solo, with a rocking full band, and playing guitar with other folks, and I am blown away every single time. 

"Crumbs in My Bed" by Ben Lowry

Another from Ben Lowry (Bang OK Bang) and his solo album Somnium. It is psychedelic Americana/folk music, and it is damn good. 

"When Buddha Smiled at The Elephant" by Darryl Purpose

We close things out with another really stellar song from Colorado singer-songwriter Darryl Purpose. His album Still the Birds is another of my favorites so far this year.  Purpose's voice is so powerfully rich and the songs are equally rich in their simple complexity. 


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