Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Trending Tuesday Morning Shuffle - A Different Breed Mix

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And suddenly it is Tuesday.... At E2TG Tuesdays are the day we look at what is "trending"... no memes or celebrity gossip - just cool tunes of a generally recent vintage... shall we?

"Boats" by Mind the Journey

We open things up with another track from Color in the Gray Machine by Boston-based artist Mind the Journey.  A great sounding track and a nice way to start the morning.

"Mass Awakening" by The Danbury Lie

Spencer Sabo, the primary (only?) member of Mind the Journey is originally from Connecticut; as is Rob - the primary (only?) member of The Danbury Lie.  Just thought I would throw that out there.  Anyway, The Danbury Lie - as you may know - have been a favorite of this blog for a few years. The latest album is called Without Mirrors, and "Mass Awakening" is on that album.  It is always a treat to have The Danbury Lie in the shuffle. 

"Woody Guthrie" by Paul Benjamin Band

More great music from the CD from the Oklahoma Room at the most recent Folk Alliance. Out on the non-profit Horton Records which supports a lot of the great music being made in Oklahoma.  This song also serves as a preview of the upcoming "Namedroppers" show of Double Shot with Joe and Sue which will air on Saturday.  

"On the Skids" by J.R. Wyatt

Next up, Nashville singer-songwriter J.R. Wyatt from his recently released album Staying Gold. His CD release show last month at The Basement was amazing - as is the album - check it out. More words to come. 

"Seven" by Black Severn

We jump in with the first track on the self-titled album from Bristol (UK) based band, Black Severn.  I have really been digging this album.  

"Eddie's Deli" by Batkhi Dahn

It seems like ages since we have a Batkhi Dahn song in the shuffle. This is one from the most recent release, Oil Change (which reminds me that I need to make an appointment).  Good timing to let you know that Batkhi Dahn founder Hayden Nork and the rest of The Foresters (and some other Dord Music Group folks and family) are heading down to Athens, GA for Athens Popfest where they will be performing with Robert Schneider (Apples in Stereo) as Spaceflyte. Congrats and break a leg guys!

"My Bucket's Got a Hole in It" by Tom Hiddleston and the Saddle Spring Boys

From the recent motion picture, I Saw the Light - which got mediocre reviews from the film critic. While English actor Tom Hiddleston plays the lead role of Hank Williams in the film, several Nashville musicians also contributed and/or appeared in the film. Among those was Wes Langlois who I saw Sunday playing with the awesome Chris Scruggs and the Stone Fox Five. 

"Nolita Strut" and "Don't Mess With The Girl From Texas" by Strange Majik

We close out today's shuffle with a twofer from Raised on Rock 'n' Roll - both of this songs were previously recorded by Strange Majik's band The Dead-Exs. More great rock and roll from one of my favorite albums of 2016. 


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