Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Wild Wednesday Morning Shuffle - Always Carry a Purse Mix

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A few things on my mind:

1. My mind has been on my parent's home state of Louisiana and the devastating flooding which has affected several different parts of the state. One of my cousins had to be rescued from her home and essentially lost everything.  One story out of many.

2.  Reflecting on my post yesterday about seeing so many good friends and how their dreams are coming true, and realizing that in the midst of all this, there are people who are struggling to hold on to their dreams (or struggling just to get by and survive)... which got me thinking of the unprecedented growth that Nashville has seen over the past few years, and that while some people have thrived and benefited from that growth, others have suffered.  No answers to any of it, just thoughts.

3.  On a completely different note, Facebook told me that one year ago today, the E2TG Facebook Page hit 300 likes.  Today, the count stands at 834 and countig. I am humbled and mystified and grateful for all of the support.

4.  I feel like I need to acknowledge that there is another (at least one) music blog/website whatever that uses Ear to the Ground has their name.  From what I can tell, we started at about the same and apparently, just coincidentally came up with the same name.  It isn't really that big a deal yet, but as I look to expand and grow my site, I see the need to address it.  As you have probably noticed, I have been heavily emphasizing the "E2TG" designation.  This will likely continue and eventually the E2TG title may replace "Ear to the Ground" on-line and in print.   This blog will always be "Ear to the Ground" as long as it continues.  And for the record, if you are talking about "E2TG", it is pronounced, "Ear to the Ground". :-)

5.  Three events tonight that I want to highlight. I do not think I can physically do all three but not saying it is not possible...  1. Scott Miller (6-8) at The 5 Spot.   2. Steve Poltz with special guest Megan Palmer!!!! at City Winery. (7-?)  3.  The star-studded tribute to Ryan Adam's Cold Roses album at The Basement East. (8-?)

Todays Wild Wednesday shuffle contains several songs from new and newish releases (and future releases).  Plus some of the usual "Wild Wednesday Wackiness".

"Big Box Store Blues" by Matthew Skoller

Matthew Skoller is a blues man from Chicago.  He plays modern traditional Chicago blues.  His new album which is due out September 23 is called Blues Immigrant.  The album features an impressive line-up of experienced blues players.  This opening track is a tribute to and rewriting of the John Lee "Sonny Boy" Williamson song, "Welfare Store Blues".   This one is fresh out of my mailbox, and I look forward to digging into the rest of the album.  

"Send Me To The 'lectric Chair" by Clint Morgan

Next up, we have another track from Scofflaw.  The last track on the album is this track which has the feel of a song from a previous era. 

"Kensington Riddemz" by Ugggy (prod. Sly Why)

Ugggy of E2TG favorites Valued Customer spits his rhymes with an almost paradoxical mix of ferocity and soothing peacefulness.  This is from his mixtape called Legends of the SmoKe. 

"Lonely Child" by Phil Rudd

Phil Rudd - as you may know - was the long-time drummer for legendary rock band AC/DC.  He recorded a solo album called Head Job which was set for release in 2014.  However, due to some well documented legal troubles, the release of the album was delayed.  He seems to be putting those troubles behind him and is now ready to release Head Job on September 30.  This is our first listen to that record. Fresh out of the e-mail inbox. 

"Eagle Man" by Owen Campbell

Owen Campbell is a slide guitar player from Australia who has been playing since he was nine years old.  His new album, Breathing Bullets, was produced by Devon Allman in Memphis is due out soon.  This is another pretty fresh from the mailbox. Really liking the sound of this one. 

"Let's Stick Together" by Wilbert Harrison

This is the original version of a song that was later covered by Bryan Ferry (and was his highest charting solo single).  More recently, Nashville artist Luella has covered this song with Tim Carroll.  I first heard them singing this back in the day at Fran's Eastside. Their cover was originally based upon the Bryan Ferry version, but I think they subsequently heard the original.  A good segue to mention that Tim Carroll is playing Music City Roots tonight with Luella, Cameron, and Toby. It is good to know that a larger audience will experience what some of us have been lucky to witness a few times a week for a long time. MCR streams on-line if you can't make it to The Factory in Franklin. 

"Draft Dodger Rag" by Phil Ochs

You may recall hearing this song on Double Shot. Phil Ochs was one of the finest songwriters of the New York folk revival.  Really love this song. 

"Highway 316 Revisited" by Kinney, Schools, Lesemann, Sell and Blackmon

This take-off on the Bob Dylan song Highway 61 Revisited, was included on the 20th Anniversary AthFest compilation which was released back in June.  From what I can tell, this recording featuring Kevn Kinney with Schools, Lesemann, Sell and Blackmon was included on the first AthFest compilation back in 1998.  It was also included on the 10th Anniversary compilation released a decade ago.  

"Blue #7" by Ugggy (prod. Cosmo Doris)

And we close things out with another "wild" track from Ugggy.  Do yourself a favor and check it out. 


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