Friday, September 9, 2016

Featured Friday Morning Shuffle - Impossible Mix

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And just like that it is Friday!

Well, week 2 of Mark Robinson's Showband and Rhythm Revue Residency at The 5 Spot sure lived up to my expectations!

The core band of Robinson, Daniel Seymour, and Rich Schell were phenomenal. They powered through original and classic tunes.  I really dug guest #1, Mark Huff.  Great songs and that Beatles cover was so good!  Guest #2 was the legendary Webb Wilder.  Wilder played songs from the last couple of albums plus some really interesting and wonderful cover selections. I first saw Webb Wilder play live close to 30 years ago, and it great to see him still making great music and here backed by this incredible showband.  Robinson's run continues next Thursday with the one and only Davis Raines and the awesome singer/songwriter Tiffany Huggins Grant.

Let's just right into Feature Friday Shuffle - from the special "New Music" playlist.

"Thinking About Tomorrow" by Laurence Jones

We start off with another track from Take Me High, the brand new album by British phenom Laurence Jones. The album was produced by the legendary Mike Vernon. 

"Lover Please" by Si Cranstoun

And coincidentally, the next track is by UK artist Si Cranstoun from his new album Old School.  It is coincidental because both albums were released by Ruf Records (pronounced "roof") a German based record company.  Both CDs came my way in one neat package. 

"Impossible" by Adeem the Artist

Next, another track from the awesome album Kyle Adem is Dead by Knoxville based Adeem the Artist. As I think I have mentioned, I first saw Adeem at a New Faces Night at The Basement when he was performing under another name... maybe Kyle Adem... maybe.... I was impressed enough to remember when I reconnected with his around the time this album came out.  It is high on my list of favorites of the year. It was great to see him earlier this year at Two Old Hippies, and the word is that he will be back at that venue in October (I think).  Details to come. 

"Louisiana" by John Paul Daniel

Next, this may be my favorite song from John Paul Daniel's album, All is Well.  Daniel is a singer/songwriter and a folk artist based out of Kingston Springs, Tennessee.  Kingston Springs has a rich musical history which is a integral part of the story of the Outlaw movement.  The song feels like Louisiana to me, and that is a good feeling. 

"Resistance Remain" by The Gypsy West

Moving on, we have another track from Modern Atlas, the new album by long time E2TG favorites The Gypsy West. The Gypsy West's sound has evolved somewhat since their Accomplices trilogy of EPs, but there is an energy that to me makes this album easily identifiable as The Gypsy West. They were based in Brooklyn when I first was introduced to their music (via The End Men), but they are now based out of Boston. 

"I Awake" by The Vondrukes

The Vondrukes' album On This Ride Together has quickly grown into one of my favorites of the year. It is just solid rock and roll music with enough of a unique sound to make it stand out. The Vondrukes are from St. Louis.  

"I Warned You" by Chase Walker Band

It's is becoming a Friday tradition... okay just two Friday's in a row, but... here is another song from Not Quite Legal.  Chase Walker lives here in Nashville now, and you can see him many Sunday's at Soulshine Pizza and at the Blues Jam at Bourbon Street on Monday nights.  A great note on which to leave this week's final shuffle.  

See you on the other side.


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