Monday, September 26, 2016

Music City Monday Morning Shuffle - Shake Shake Shake Like a Rattlesnake Mix

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Okay... trying to catch my breath after Americana Fest... here is a quick wrap up.  Friday, I did get off work around 2:00 and made it to Drifter's in time to catch the end of Marvin Etzioni's set - which was wonderful.  Next up was Brian Langlinais who absolutely killed it was an amazing band that included Jim Hoke, Jonell Mosser, and Ron Eoff among others. Great swampy - Louisiana/Tennessee music...

After a quick trip to Fanny's House of Music with Jill Kettles and Alexander Wright (2Ton Bridge), I made my way to The 5 Spot to catch the first hour of Tim Carroll Rock and Roll Happy Hour - which started early for AMA.  Off to WNXA to pick up the banner and fliers and ran into my friend Karen and Gabrielle Louise - who I have been posting about - great to get to meet her.   Off to The Station Inn for a magical night - of introducing bands and telling people about WXNA.  My highlight was getting to meet and introduce Syd Straw and to hear her sing some of my favorite songs of hers. "Think Too Hard", "Chasing Vapor Trails", "String of Pearls", and "Golden Dreams"... Another big highlight was hearing Tyler Childers and wondering why I was just discovering this incredible songwriter????  He brought the house down.  Great playing from 10 String Symphony, Rob Ickes and Trey Hensley, and The Lonely Heartstring Band.

Saturday, I had a nice breakfast/brunch with a bunch of fine folks and then made to the Cafe Rooster launch party at Little Harpeth - and to catch some of the festival's MVPs like Darrin Bradbury, Jon Latham, Aaron Lee Tasjan etc. before I had to scoot.  Sad that I was prevented from seeing Jon Latham, but happy of the reports of a packed house and an (as expected) kick ass set.

Final reflections:  The term Americana music  may bring to mind bad pop/rock bands that add a banjitar and don Western wear... Or some other loathsome thing... but my take for this year is that the Americana Music Association opened their doors to some of my favorite people (who also happen to be the best musicially - in my opinion)... The big umbrella seemed a little bit bigger this year, and I had an amazing time - even while missing out on ton of things due to lack of cloning and stuff.. As I posted last week - the festival started with covers of The Who, Blondie, and The Pogues - as it turned out - that beginning did seem to set the tone for a festival with some memorable and rocking moments.

With Americana Fest over, I headed back to The 5 Spot for a more typical East Nashville night at my favorite watering hole... caught the tail end of Sunday Night Soul (which I had heard good things about) and was blown away. Next up, a party put on my the good folks at Cosmic Thug Records (a label formed by super-producers Adam Landry and Justin Collins along with long time E2TG favorite Pony Boy.  In typical East Nashville fashion, the show featured Carey Kotsionis, Lilly Hiatt, Pony Boy, Emma Swift and Robyn Hitchcock, T. Hardy Morris, Tristan, Justin and the Cosmics, and Smoking Flowers.  Everyone was incredible.  Pony Boy and Emma and Robyn each did Dylan covers. Lilly Hiatt was amazing as always, Tristan was next level good plus brought up Caitlin Rose. T. Hardy Morris was incredible guest John McCauley (Deer Tick)... Robbie from Deer Tick played a variety of instruments (keys, bass, drums) with several different artists. Justin and the Cosmics left nothing on or off the stage in an electrifying performance.   Among the people who crowded the club were Bobby Bare Jr., Lucinda Williams, and many more great artists.  Yep - pretty normal night on the East side.

Whew!  On to the shuffle: Music City style!

"Don't Let the Green Grass Fool You" by Brian Langlinais

I loved hearing Brian Langlinais do this song live on Friday, and it was great to hear it again this morning --- from his wonderful new album Right Hand Road. 

"Adelina" by Joey Kneiser

Next up, the lead track from The All Night Bedroom Revival.  It's been great having all this awesome much from Kneiser in my playlists. 

"These Boots Are Made For Walking" by David Olney

David Olney is one of the best songwriters - ever. He is also an amazing and multi-talented performer/artist. Here he is covering Lee Hazlewood song that was made famous by Nancy Sinatra.  Check out the video for this song in the playlist beloq. 

"Haunt You" by Lilly Hiatt

Fresh off her killer performance last night, here is Lilly Hiatt with a song via Noisetrade - Royal B-Sides. 
"Time of My Life" by Kent Eugene Goolsby

From the forthcoming album, Temper of the Times.. Kent Goolsby has quickly become one of my favorites plus he happens to be from the same hometown as I am. 

"Quarter in the Can" by Sergio Webb

From Domingo - Sergio Webb with a moving song he wrote with Amelia White. Amelia will be wrapping up her residency on Wednesday with guests Reckless Johnny Wales and Julie Christensen. 

"Sailing Away" by John Prine

This live recording of a song off of German Afternoon is dedicated to the people who stood in line for hours only to get turned away from Prine's Thursday night show at The Station Inn. 

"Nothing Left" by Brian Milligram

An emotionally charged song from my of the best new Nashville songwriters. From his Dead Letters album. 

"Changes" by Hugh Mitchell

And we close things out with the title track of an (I believe) still unreleased EP by a songwriter who I met here in Nashville a couple of years ago.  Dig this... 


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